Saturday November 30, 2002

Ahh!! Rojak is over! (To know what Rojak is, please refer here)I’m quite glad it went well, even though there were controversies dealing with the gathering, hehehe. There were some teething problems that comes with doing a play/dinner/dance extravaganza (extravaganza?) but it WAS great stuff!

The decorations were really pretty (felt so festive) and the food, wow, it was excellent. The Tocil Restaurant with Safa as head chef, but not forgetting Haydeq, Shida, Dina, RedhaWhatever!”,Ded and Philip, put in a fantastic effort with one of the best MSA dinners ever! The Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) was really, really good and the dessert was fantastic. It wasn’t so difficult cleaning up as everyone finished all the food!

It was a really good night. More people turned up than we expected. At one point I was nearly hyperventilating when I thought people wasn’t going to turn up (but that’s just me. I’m ultra-paranoid). I had put my bets on 60 people, at max although I hoped 70 people. 110 people turned up!! Woo! I’m so happy. A successful MSA event. Kudos to all who turned up and a great job to everyone who helped out in making Rojak a success. I’m pleased with the play as well and the musical performances. The nasyid was really good and the pop songs very entertaining.

Although, I had bones to pick with the play i.e. the script mostly (not my darling actors :-P). Not worried about offending anyone (I’ve been offending a lot of people lately…maybe it’s because people are anal in general. It’s never my fault…hehehe. Great, offended someone again!) because the script was written by Halim and I. Here are the things I’ve noted. We created three very funny and popular characters who don’t appear again at the play. Too much thought was put into creating the side characters that the main characters seemed pale in comparison. I could sense the audience wanted those three characters again. Secondly, talk about awkward scene changes. I mean, I must have spent more time on stage putting props on compared to the actors. Must keep that in mind. People who saw the play, please comment on it!

However…saying all that, I really liked seeing something I’ve written being performed and working on the play. I do enjoy writing and I love working on plays. I always have. It makes me question. Do I REALLY want to go into financial banking? Or pursue something that I’m not sure I’m good at, something that risky? Why can’t I love financial banking?

Hmm….I’m so tired right now. But I’m happy to know that people enjoyed themselves. There are other things to focus on such as my Finance exam. And getting people presents. I have to shop! Sooo many things to do, so little time.

It’ll be nice to get back to Malaysia. So Koon, what’s cool in M’sia right now? Hope we’d get to hang out more this time round as opposed to summer. See you soon!!

P/S: Look at my lack of vocabulary. It’s all, really and like, and very good and seriously. Lol. I promise I will make a greater effort tomorrow. I’m just tired right now. 😀

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Wednesday November 27, 2002

Oooh. My entire shoulder is aching. My lower back is aching. I sound like an old woman. Sheesh.

Another very stressful day, especially at the Rojak practice. Halim and I weren’t feeling particularly good. I have finance on my mind and I have visions of flunking my 2nd year dancing around in my head. In other words, I’m actually s*** scared about my upcoming test, about the entire year, about the two assessments due after Christmas holidays. Halim was equally stressed. We were such a happy family today at practice. I really have to chill. Repeating Miklos’ mantra in my head “Just chill, Adlina, just chill.”

I guess the hecticness of my schedule has been reflected in my most absolute foul of foul moods and not to mention, becoming extremely whiny. I hate going back to my desk where I have to work! Not to mention, that I’m eating badly. Currently, my sahur consists of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, McVities Digestives and two slices of toasts with butter. Not to forget loads of pringles. And coffee. And more finance reading and seminar homework.

Sigh…I miss sleep. I haven’t even thought of the things I want to buy for my brother and sister much less shop for their presents! I so don’t have enough time. If I could do without sleep, I so would.

But not the entire day was a down factor. Even though I came back very tense, an e-mail was waiting for me which made me smile:

boss director lady, this is fariz, i’m sorry but i’m really behind in most of my work assignments and group work and so my group has asked for a meeting tonite. sorry for the really (extremely) short notice and could you also pass on my apologies to dance boss lady please as i do not have her email. i will come for the next practices though!



Tomorrow, tomorrow, how I so dread tomorrow….Bleargh. When are the holidays anyway?

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Tuesday November 26, 2002


My parents and my brother, Jan and my sister, Hani are going to INDIA. And I! And I!! I am STUCK here in Coventry. How bloody unfair is that?! I want to go to India. I miss India a lot. There’s just something so special about the country. The sensations you feel just when walking around Delhi is incredible. I mean, there’s so much flavour to the place. The sights, the sounds, the smells. Everything. It completely knocks you out. The best part about it is that everything is so colourful in Delhi that the rest of the world seems pretty lifeless after that.

I mean just walking around in the more “modern” part of Delhi: Modern Bazaar could give you an experience you wouldn’t get walking in Coventry. There’s the slightly cold crisp air due to Winter, along with the fogginess adding to the mystery. There are young students hanging out with their friends in their school uniform at McDonalds eating vegetarian burgers and eggless ice-cream. There are stalls which sells books that you’ve never seen before, some illegally printed, some so old, they must have been from the 1970s. A cow walks past by you on the dusty, sandy streets and you don’t even flinch, because, well, it’s just a cow. There are street kids running around and when they see a foreigner, they pester you for a bit of money.

Sarojini market? Getting a pair of trousers tailor made for 200 rupees. And they fit me perfectly. That’s less that RM 18 or about 6 pounds. And then the bargains you get there. Sure all the clothing you get there are hippy clothing, but that’s India for you. You fit right in. If you wear a nice suit, you’re out of place. You gotta wear those modern punjabi suit.

And then, there’s the food. My family will be eating at Bukhara. Now THAT is absolutely cruel. I hope that they’d be able to pack me some buttered chicken (mmm!!) and naan (ahhh!!) with chicken tikka and dal makhni and freeze it for me. Ooohhh, just thinking about it makes me hungry…the buttered chicken has the right amount of spices and just melts in your mouth. The naan, being the right amount of crispiness on the outside and warm soft bread on the inside….sigh…… 

Okay, missing India tremendously right now that I could feel a lump forming in my throat. I wish I was living there again Sniff, sniff.

I had a very stressful day today. I care not to describe about it. Currently chatting with Adzfar to get over my blues. Today was pretty bad. I was quite tense, my muscles ached from the tension I felt. Unfortunately, Pierce Brosnan wasn’t available to give me a massage. Damn.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I hope I would be able to get up early enough and survive another long day. I so look forward for the nights. At least then, I am finally at peace and I would not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will come. I will deal with it when it comes.

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Sunday November 24, 2002

I don’t wanna run away but I can’t take it ,
I don’t understand
If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

Oooh. Long day today was. Lots of things on my mind that’s working itself at such a speed that I think I’m a bit incoherent when I speak.

Buka puasa at Abang Muzz’s house today (am I supposed to call him Abang? I suppose so, since he is older than me. Wait, in that case, I should call everyone, Abang and Kak. Hmm…Abang Eizwan, Abang Jo, Kak Shahira, Kak Fani, Kak Eliza, Abang Josh, Abang Adzfar, Kak Janice…okay, getting a bit carried away here). But anyway, the food there was fantastic. I wished I could have stayed and eaten some more. But I made the mistake of eating too many Pringles beforehand and going a bit late, because I had an MSA meeting at 5:30pm.

MSA meeting. Woo. Man, talk about stressful. I never realized the project we were about to take i.e. Malaysia Night was that big. I guess being an actor last year meant that I missed out on how many things the committee had to organize. Sigh. Those were the days where ignorance was bliss. We’ll get it done, I’m sure we will. I suppose this requires me to be a lot more disciplined about my work and time…meaning, my fun and spare time should be devoted to MSA. Woooo. Why does that sound so intimdating?

Currently eating toasts and drinking a mug of hot chocolate. It kinda reminds me of the time when I was a kid and I would be eating bread with hot Milo. Was it really that long ago when my mum would make it for me when I was hungry?

I’ve been hearing a lot of AES gossip lately. Kinda miss the old place right now. Decided to put up some pics back from the dayz (lol) for old times sake. James Bond will have to wait till the next day, I suppose

Krista, Melissa and Sayaka outside the theatre. I think it was summer then. Man, those were the days. Not doing anything.

Senior Trip. Literally trippin’!

Farewell dinner at Pizza Hut for Steph, Rob and Anthony in the last few days before we left India for good . Why were they not in this picture, hmm…Man, I look weird.

I’ve been listening to the song above. It’s “If You’re Not The One” by Daniel Beddingfield. It’s sooo romantic. Sigh. Download it. In this very jiwang mode for some reason. Wonder what happened today for me to behave this way.

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Saturday November 23, 2002

When you walk by every night,
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kind of hectic inside
Baby, I’m so into you
Darling if you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind
But its just a sweet sweet fantasy baby
When I close my eyes you come and take me

Ah! I have a splitting headache. I’ve already drunk coffee and it’s still ain’t giving me the usual stimulant as it should. Still headachey, about to collapse. Goodbye, cruel world….(alright, being slightly overdramatic).

Something interesting happened to me yesterday. I was about to get onto the bus along with some other people at the bus stop, when the bus driver who was at the door of the bus stopped me. He finally changed his mind, and said that we could get in, on condition we stayed on the lower level of the bus. I asked, why? Apparently, there was a man upstairs. He had a piece of glass and he was cutting himself with it. And not only that, he was licking the blood off. Rocking himself and everything.

How scary! There were other people on top of the bus. I noticed they either were looking straight ahead as though nothing was going on or looking outside the window. There were paramedics outside the bus and the police were coming as well. It took a good 15 minutes with the police and the paramedic climbing up and down the staircase trying to talk the guy out. Finally, the guy came down. He looked really shaken and depressed. Once outside the bus, the police tried to take him away, but he kept moaning “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” and tried to resist the police.

Went shopping today. Actually, attempted to go shopping. Actually to be more accurate, took Hiro shopping today in Coventry. To be even more accurate, shopping lasted about 20 minutes for it took him that amount of time to buy a jumper and a jacket. I mean, what is it with guys? Buying the first things they see. What happens if there are nicer things out there or better bargains? I had hoped that shopping would take longer. I mean, for those people who actually know Coventry, they would know that there’s not much to see. Sigh.

Had sushi for dinner today, courtesy of Hiro. 😉

I close my eyes and it’s gone again
When will I get the chance to say I love you
I pretend that you’re already mine
That my heart ain’t breaking every time
I look into your eyes

I’ve had several comments about my sextoy (Joya’s words, not mine) that is, Pierce Brosnan. And how he looks good. But someone had also commented that I don’t put up pictures of other things, such as AES people. I’ll do that tomorrow. But first.

He looks mighty fine here, doesn’t he? Ooh, and so very manly. Swoon.

Lol. Anyway, I’m going to log off now. I think this entry is interesting enough. I still have a headache and my left ear feels a bit funny. Hopefully I won’t fall sick. I haven’t been doing anything “naughty” i.e. running around in the rain. I’ve been extra careful. Got my coat on. Got my gloves on. Got my hat on. (And people, will you STOP picking on my hat?!)

Hmm…interesting ;-). Have a sudden desire to learn to bellydance. Must be the Shakira song I’m listening to right now. Hmm…

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Thursday November 21, 2002

One more day till the weekend. And only a few more days before I fly back home to Malaysia! Ahhh. Home! Where I can chill and have my mum cook for me. Have my dad nag me for not doing enough :-D. Have my grandparents pamper and spoil me. Oooh!! I can’t wait!

Anyway, back to today.

I’m still thinking about what happened during Iftar today. I guess because I never expected this kind of thing to happen at ISOC. Here’s what happened. My friend K has never been to an iftar and it was really nice to see her. We sat together and just talked.

The thing is, I haven’t been able to talk to her for ages. And I had just found out like a few minutes ago that she had a boyfriend. Come on! The first thing anybody would do is to interrogate her about her boyfriend.

I was asking the usual things about him. You know, was he in the same course, when did they get together and everything. We haven’t talked for in a long while and it was just great to talk about these kinds of stuff. After a while, just as she asked me about my love life (of which I laughed off since it’s currently is non-existent, thank you very much) this lady who was sitting beside her interrupted her.

The lady was wearing a niqaab (full veiling) and I didn’t know she had been listening in. And she interrupts in, and started telling my friend off. From the gist of what I hear and from my friend, is that she was being extremely judgemental and accusatory. She barely met my friend, she was listening into a private conversation between me and her and immediately came to the conclusion that my friend is a loose woman. 

There’s a difference between giving an advice about religion and being cruel. K lost her appetite, did not eat and was nearly driven to tears. She was humiliated. I felt so angry at that woman and partly myself, because had I not brought the subject up, this whole incident wouldn’t have happened. K said she would never to go to iftar ever again. Now how is that satisfactory, I ask you? With that woman’s righteous advice on religion, she drove someone away who was trying out the first time. She humiliated and hurt someone. I hope she’s happy. Perhaps we should start getting rid of those people who have a boyfriend in ISOC. Or a girlfriend for that matter. Why don’t we just get rid of those people who don’t wear the hijab or headscarf?  Or how about those who aren’t wearing the headscarf properly? Or those wearing trousers?


On a side note, I found a gorgeous picture of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond at Unfortunately, those people decided to use Flash, and I can’t copy the pictures on my hard drive. Damn. I’ll have to content drooling over this picture.

My sister, Hani said he’s too old. Too old? Nah, mature men. Now that’s what he is! Besides, he’s hot. Who cares? Lol.

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Wednesday November 20, 2002

If anyone has read this entry, you’d notice it’s changed. As in the entire thing! I had a look at it and thought, I didn’t really like it. So, I decided to delete the entire thing and wait for something more interesting to happen.

And it actually did!

I watched “Die Another Day” today with Marianne. I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it better than all of the other Bond movies with Pierce Brosnan in it. It was really action-packed right to the end and I have to say, Pierce Brosnan looked quite fine in that one. Through out the entire movie, I kept thinking, “He looks noice there. And there. And here. And ooh, really sexy there.” Droool. What is it about James Bond? The man drinks too much, smokes (at least in this movie) and he’s a womaniser. But damn, he’s so fine! Seriously, if all the men in MI6 are like James Bond, I’d give up financial banking (or whatever it is I might end up doing) and be a spy instead!

Update on Rojak practice. The return of the mega-bitch, mega-tension Cultural Officer. That is, me. I had a huge ice-cream sundae that I shared with Dina before the practice. And a cuppacino. Great stuff. Except that it made me hyper. And paranoid. And edgy. And definitely over-dramatic. I kept pestering people “Please first years, bring in ALL your friends to Rojak. PLEASE!” as though it was the end of the world if they didn’t. Great to see that people was still able to tolerate me and not wring my neck. Or at least throw me out the window in Union North.

But anyway, how was the practice? Aside from an accident which involved someone getting kicked in the crotch and cowering in pain for a while (person shall remain nameless to protect his identity), the practice went really well. To quote Halim, well, not exactly, to quote him, but to paraphrase what he said: They were a bit apprehensive before they begin but when they start to get into it, they really get into it, and they’re dedicated, funny and committed. Some people really cracked me up, I’m really pleased.

Hiro (friend from AES) is coming this weekend. Have to think of something to do. I don’t really feel like showing him around Coventry. There’s really nothing much I can show him there, can I?

I’m still hungry, but can’t think of anything to eat. Or anything that will take me less than a few minutes to cook. Damn. I ran out of mee maggi a few weeks back. It would have been great to have a bowl of it right now. I could content myself with going to bed hungry, or maybe making myself spaghetti. Still thinking about it. Maybe I’ll attempt the spaghetti.

Alright. Time for me to log off and cook. Watch “Die Another Day”. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll leave you off with the picture of my current honey. Happy dreams!

Doesn’t he look like a dream? Swooon.

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