Deciding on a Wedding Theme…the wrong way

Despite our wedding being a good ONE YEAR AWAY (well, more than one year, more like a year and a little bit), I think the planner, producer, the paranoid in me has started to hyperventilate more and more.

In between my super busy moments as an entrepreneur *cough cough* and a wannabe novelist *hacks a lung out* and a full time miserable git, I have also taken on the role Bridezilla very well. Like very, very well.

It does not help that I read Snippet & Ink almost every day and Martha Stewart. And as Farah points out, I’m easily influenced. I had changed the “theme” of my wedding three times already, from maroon and white, to green and white to gee, I can’t remember. To the point that poor Eizwan rolls his eyes and lets a painful sigh out when I yank out a new Bridal magazine and tell him, “Yes, Eizwan, this is it. We are so doing Medieval Knights by the beach.”

I messaged my cousin (who is being tres, tres helpful with the wedding) to announce to her, post-India, I have decided on a Bollywood theme. To which she replied, “Sure! We’ll change everything! AFTER I KILL YOU FIRST.”

I said that it was awfully rude of her not to acknowledge the importance India has in my heart. After all, I never tire reminding everyone I meet, including complete strangers at the petrol station that I grew up there. Sort of like, “RM 50 for petrol please. And by the way, did you know I grew up in India?”

“No, NO HEART. You just came back from India. If it was Sweden, you’d be like all IKEA weddings.”

Hmm….IKEA weddings. Now there’s a thought.


My BizKidz – Entrepreneurial Classes for Children


So I’ve been a wee bit stressed lately, and that’s mostly due to work. Weeeell, a wee bit stressed is an understatement.

But so, my 20 something readers of my blog. I need your help. I have here a survey for BizKidz – a company that specializes in entrepreneurial education and financial literacy for children in Malaysia (for now! Soon the world, gyahahahaha)

BizKidz Money workshop will run:

June 1st to 2nd for kids aged 9 to 12

June 3rd to 4th for kids aged 13 to 15

whilst BizKidz Entrepreneur workshop will run:

June 8th to 9th for kids aged 9 to 12

June 10th to 11th for kids aged 13 to 15

The classes are RM 250 for kids aged 9 to 12, RM 280 for kids aged 13 to 15. These workshops are awesome sauce as BizKidz had created the materials based on courses in the UK Enterprise Education and the US. The curricula follows closely with the American education system e.g. math, social skills etc.

Now, if you’re a parent residing in Malaysia with children between the ages of 8 to 15, check out this survey. By completing this survey, it will entitle you a 10% discount for the workshop. And that’s not all, two lucky participants will be able to send their kids to the course absolutely free!

So, for those of you who do not have kids between the ages 8 to 15…well, it’s not the time for you yet to do this survey! But pass the word on, the more the merrier as we bring Malaysia towards a world of entrepreneurship and financial literacy!

Getting Easier

Work is starting to hit crunch time for me, I’m busier by the day as well as easily far more stressed. Keeping my spirits up is hard, since I’m mostly very, very stressed and I’d rather sort of lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling and somehow will for things to just work out on its own.

At the risk of sounding like I’m whining, all I do want sometimes is for things to have a ridiculously easy and smooth path. The stress in my chest can’t be good for me, at points, it feels like my chest cavity is imploding from within, the end result being I’ll be sucked into the black hole that my heart developed, consuming everything around me.

On day like these, when the sun is out and everyone is happy, I wonder when it will start getting easier.

Bollywood Film Festival continues…

For the past one week, the house has been, as Jan described it, like a Bollywood Film Festival. Every evening, after dinner, we’d pop in a Hindi movie DVD and watch a movie.

So far we have watched:

  • Dostana – a real turkey this one was
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – total classic
  • Jab We Met – loved how sweet this one was
  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – I really liked this one, super cute.
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge -I really heart this one despite how hideously long this one is.
  • Mohabbatein – haven’t quite finished this one, it’s really awfully slow.

What’s left is:

  • Kal Ho Naa Ho
  • Billu
  • Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham
  • Slumdog Millionaire – although, technically not Bollywood.

Jan‘s a little annoyed because he bought Blu-Rays from the States (The Wrestler, Batman) and they’ve been ignored for a singing and dancing fest. My perspective in life has been ruined a little by these Bollywood movies, I half expect people to sing and dance and remain merry always. Even melodrama in Hollywood movies don’t do it for me anymore. I keep thinking Bollywood does it better.

Has it only been a week plus since my return from India? Malaysia does this to you, returning to a routine and in my case, a kind of bitterness that I wish I did not have. I missed the ME that I was in India, the optimism, the joie de vivre that I seem to lack here.

Although, Malaysia can’t be blamed for my bitterness – I noticed lately I have a habit of living retrospectively. Malaysia was better than India, India was better than England, England was better than Malaysia. Despite how difficult life had been in KL since I’ve graduated, I have had fantastic times and I need to remember that.

I still miss India sorely, I miss how mental the country is by nature and I miss so much how much zest for life the Indians had in general. But if anything, I can always keep India in my heart as I live here and keep having that joie de vivre, regardless where I am.

And if I ever were to forget, I do have 10 DVDs to remind me =)

We Take Hindi Movies Very Seriously Here

What happened over breakfast this morning:

Over poached eggs and toast, I started humming the theme from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I’m feeling mighty pleased with myself, I had bought around ten DVDs, Hindi movie DVDs from India. I’ve seen most of the movies I bought, but this time, I have all my favourites in DVD format! So much better than those annoying Sendi Mutiara format that we get here in KL.

I went to bed that night thinking about Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, and over breakfast the next morning that despite thinking KKHH is very good, it was lacking in ‘Ooomph’ like Kabhie Khushi Khabhi Gham had.

“I like Kuch Kuch, it’s definitely a classic,” I announced over breakfast. “But there’s just one bit that I think that Karan Johar that didn’t add that would have made the movie exceptional.”

All utensils were on the plate at this point. My dad eyed me suspiciously. “What?”

“Don’t you think that Shah Rukh Khan’s character should have been more angry at Kajol for leaving him? I think the reunion would have more oomph if that were the case.”

My dad’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think you get it. Kajol was in love with SRK. Of course she had to leave him. Forever.”

“I get it, but don’t you think SRK should be a little angry at least? I mean, his wife died and his best friend wasn’t there for him!”

My dad pushed his plate aside and his voice rose as he spoke. “I don’t think you understand,” my dad snapped. “When it comes to love, it’s forever. Of course she has to leave, he’d better understand!”

As with the cliché, there was stunned silence all around as my dad stormed away from the breakfast table. Damn. Hindi movies. Teh Seriouz Biznez.