The Bigger Picture

One of the questions I get asked almost frequently now is “How do you feel?”. I think people expect some sort of trepidation on my part, it’s only fun being nervous.

But surprisingly, I am really calm. I’ve been warned that the night is the most difficult to sleep through but I think “All Izz Well”

I did get all stressed out this morning though, I can’t say it was all perfect until a friend of mine pointed out that the focus that I should have is that I’m getting married. Not on the flaws, not on the tiny details, whether things were as I imagined. The guests won’t remember the mistakes, they will remember you, the bride and groom.

And it’s true. I’m marrying Eizwan tomorrow, someone who I lover very deeply, and someone who has made me very happy. I will be surrounded by my friends and family, the people I love as this happen. Whatever happens to the flowers, the food etc, that’s secondary. The bigger picture is that I’ll be married to Eizwan. If things don’t go as planned, I plan on just shrugging it off.

Martha Stewart was wrong. Details don’t matter. In the case of weddings, it’s the big picture that counts.