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We are about one week away from the second promotion of our little tea business. Right after our first promotion, we were extremely gung-ho and we started planning in great detail, what we are going to do, day by day. Of course a week before the event itself – we’re feeling very relaxed. The panic, as always, will happen the day before the event itself.

It is not to say that we are not doing anything. We are slowly but surely building up our inventory, from supplies of packaging to equipment. We bought a heat gun today, to heat shrink our hampers. The man who sold it to us was a cheerful Chinese man who sold very dangerous DIY equipment for a living. While willing to sell the heat gun, he cautioned that we must use the heat gun wisely i.e. we really ought not to use it as a hair dryer.

“Your hair might catch fire,” he said solemnly.

The thing is, I am quite the rebel despite my Asian indoctrination. So when someone tells me not to do something, this deep rebellious streak in me has a tendency to do exactly what I’m not supposed to. So now I am tempted to use this equipment as a hair dryer despite the stark warning I’ll set my hair on fire.

I am terrified of the power I have in my hands.


April as it happened

Herein lies when you have not been blogging for over a month. The screen is open and I stare at it, wondering what on earth I could write that could possibly be remotely interesting to my readers. And I think, nah, for once, my life isn’t at all batshit and for once, relatively normal. The past one month has been very hectic, yes, chaotic, possibly life changing (I am reluctant to use the words life changing because a life changing event can only be seen in hindsight, at least 5 years from the day it happened) but other than that – nothing strange has happened. Yes. That means, I had been leading a relatively normal and quiet life. That means, in the past month, our car did not break down and people think we were running away to elope nor did we end up in a mall where drive by shootings happen on a regular basis. Heck, I did not even have an accounting asking me to commit fraud to a government agency.

I’m starting to think my life is turning very boring.

My friend, Maya suggests that I tend to be tempting fate when I do that – but I have to confess. When something like that happens – at least there is a story I can share.

Despite the dearth of strangeness, April had been a very busy month. My sister came home and again, even though I am reluctant to call any event life changing, she underwent a pretty life changing year and certainly, month. So epic that it probably rendered everyone else’s life rather mundane. April was mostly about her – which was not a bad thing.

But since this is my blog, and sometimes, when I feel particularly narcissistic, I tend to go through back through the months to see what happened and I do get a little disappointed to see that I did not write down what happened during that time of the year. It feels like a blank on my life, like a giant eraser, along with a giant hand, dropped from the sky came down to erase a part of life away. No, that cannot do.

So what happened in April?

Celebrating Hani’s birthday. About 3 months after it actually happened.

Well, firstly, Hani came home for a holiday. Which is always fun because that usually means the family goes on holiday as well. We rarely have family holidays these days, as our not-so-secret project is taking off the ground and that means less time for us to go gallivanting. If you think working with your family means that I could go on leave whenever – hah! you’re wrong. My mother wrote me my first contract when I purchased a Game Boy on loan from my mum at a tender age of 8. Going on holiday means requesting for leave in advance and ascertaining that there will not be any business at hand. Leave has recently been frozen for the whole of June, July and August so I will take whatever we can get.

The thing is – my mother is not all that heartless. Despite us launching our not-so-secret project mid April, she wanted to make sure my sister had some time off. So with military precision we planned a holiday AND our work at the same time. It was fun because it meant we managed to get to Universal Studios Singapore.

I may have lost my voice for nearly a week and a half after going on the Battlestar Galactica 3 times. Never let it be said that I am growing old gracefully.

April was all about the prepping for the whispery launch of our not-so-secret project. It was just a bazaar, to see how things would go but as with creating a new product – it was chaotic, messy and felt that it would fit very well on an episode of The Apprentice. Certainly, some of the drama of bringing a new product to launch is not what I would call exhilarating – more stressful and hair pulling and I was glad to sleep for the next few days after that.

Having said that, this was one of the now rare occasions the family rallied together to work on a project. To think that this was the result of an offhand remark that it would be wonderful if we could better teas in Malaysia. The next thing I know, we were looking for flights to India to hunt for suppliers.

The nice thing about this little project is that this is really, firmly a family business. The designs were the result of my brother’s work, the tea was the result of tasting over a 100 cups of tea between me and my mum. Each family member were an expert in some field or another and we worked hard to get it off the ground.

I would love to say that the project got to a swimming start but let’s just say our launch would have made a very entertaining episode of The Apprentice. It’s a shame you can’t fire your own family members, the same way Donald Trump would have but we took a lot of pleasure demoting one another over the course of the few days. Of course, when it was all over and the euphoria of having done it all – we took pleasure on promoting ourselves and giving ourselves fancy titles.

Of course, this is where I put in a little marketing spiel to come check out our Facebook page and ‘Like it’ ! And follow us on Twitter: @goodteacompanyOrder some tea! (Actually, most importantly buy my tea!)

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I feel a bit ashamed that I haven’t been writing on my blog – so I resolve to do a better job from now on.