Good Morning

As I opened this blog to write a new post, I very nearly started to write the things I did not do. And then continue on with a very defensive post on why I did not do said things. Which I reckon is only starting to make me sound very defensive.

So new resolution for this blog. I resolve to write things I did do as opposed to writing guiltily about things I did not do. Things like tidy up my room, post David the Lonely Planet, post a postcard from Medan, finish Chapter 2 (!!), finish first draft of the script, start a new blog and hmm..that’s it. Alright, hey, I’m more organized than I thought.

So, this morning, I woke up to send Eizwan to the bus station. He’s off to Singapore for a golfing trip which I’m sure will be uber-fun – ”Not sure,’ he muttered sourly to me right before I left. ‘I might be throwing clubs across the water hazard’ – and I am going to miss him.

I’m terribly jittery when it comes to traveling. Sweet Eizwan held my hand, not wanting to board till the last minute and despite being right in point of view of the bus driver, I have this paranoid belief that they were going to leave without him. So I kept pestering Eizwan to get on board the bus, which made him sulk because he thought that I did not want to be with him, which of course is not true but what if the bus just left without him because the bus driver thought it would be funny to do so.

Thankfully, bus driver did signal to him that he was going to go and so Eizwan had to board. Eizwan boarded the bright yellow Aeroline bus and waved to me sadly. I waved back just as sadly. Okay, I admit, our goodbyes were marred with my admiration of the great double decker bus with fully-automated trunk-closing thingie. I’ve never been on Aeroline – they serve hot dogs and have a multi-channel entertainment thingie on each seat. I resolve that I must try it one day, probably next year when Universal Studios Singapore have solved their teething problems. As I left,  Eizwan was in my thoughts, but I have to admit I was more pre-occupied trying to figure out how much the bus cost for it to be so tech-savvy.

He won’t be gone long, but I can’t help missing him, which is so silly. We won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, it does not bother me as much as I thought it would but I headed off to get the most awesome breakfast ever to cheer myself up.

Cheering myself up was a half-an-hour queue at Village Park, for my favourite ever nasi lemak. I was surprisingly very patient, listening to music on Ipod and thinking about the tough few fights Eizwan and I have been going lately through that the long queue did not bother me. When I’m feeling patient and serene, nothing can bother me, even the impatient grey moustached man in front of me who kept shuffling his feet from left to right and shoving ahead to get his nasi lemak. I was so serene and patient this morning, that I did not feel overly smug when I was ahead of him at the till to pay for my nasi lemak.

The drive back was brilliant, the skies were clear and the roads are empty since Chinese New Year is tomorrow. Came home to eat and parents are stuck on channel 303, watching KBS World. One day we’ll all be able to cuss in Korean, mark my words. I ate the nasi lemak, it was awesome as always and that feeling of peace and serenity continued. As peaceful and serene anyone can feel eating nasi lemak that is right before suffering from heartburn and indigestion from the chilli.

It was a good morning.  A slow morning for what is usually hectic KL. I’m grateful, I take whatever I can get 🙂


114 days to go

“This getting married thing, it’s weird.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I mean, in a few months time, I’m going to  be a Mrs. I don’t like the word missus. It sounds so matronly. Fat bosom in an unflattering dress matronly. Miss is more feminine.”


“Like the Malay word for Mrs is Puan. It sounds awful. Cik sounds cute. Puan sounds pregnant.”

“Does this mean you don’t want to get married?”

“Of course not. Don’t be silly. It’s just that I feel, sometimes when a woman marries, she ceases to exist in a way. Mrs Eizwan. Adlina disappears.”


“You won’t disappear. I’ll be Mr. Adlina for you.”