Nanowrimo or Script Writing?

Sunday October 28, 2007


I am incredibly torn.

I was planning to spend the entire time in November writing a novel for Nanowrimo. I even spent most of my free time in October planning out the structure of the novel, writing out the character backgrounds and even doing some research.

But after watching an episode of Life on Mars, a story idea snuck up on me that I remembered jotting it down before I went to bed. By the next morning, all the characters had come to life and I  know how the story will develop, the emotional highs and the emotional lows and how it will end.

Problem is, the story idea is meant for TV.

I’m really passionate about this story and I do think it has a potential. I remember meeting a TV producer a few months back saying that he was looking for something intelligent to try and sell it to Malaysian TV. If I could sell this story idea and the first script, this would mean my first break into TV writing and hopefully, screen writing eventually.

But I was hoping to use Nanowrimo to hone my skills as a novelist. Script Frenzy did wonders for my life, I swear it did. It really opened my eyes to the world of writing and the skills I need in writing something creative. And with the comments I recieved from friends and family, some of them brutally honest, gave me a newfound drive and determination to be able to creatively write for a living.

And in “corporate” terms, it gave me a product that I could develop and sell.

I worry if I don’t make use of Nanowrimo, I’m not ever going to start on a novel. I’m going to daydream and hope about writing a novel till I’m about forty. And still not write one. Having said all that…my gut tells me that I should seize my current excitement for this story and work on it and polish it till it gets somewhere.

Not quite a dilemma, now that I’ve written this out. I think I’ve already decided to focus on this story but I do feel sad that I’m going to miss out on Nanowrimo. I was going to do all that fanfare, with the countdown and the sleepless nights. It was plenty fun but I doubt I can focus on both. Sigh.

Good luck you Nanowrimo writers. I really wish I could join in, but I guess we will have to make sacrifices. As the great P Ramlee said “Korban apa saja”

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God is in the Details

Friday October 26, 2007


P Ramlee the musical: courtesy of NST

I love John Simm. I love Life on Mars. But I imagine, if I ever were John Simm/Sam Tyler’s subordinate, I’d go insane from half admiration and half irritation with his cryptic ways and his incessant repetition of his beliefs. Like that one episode where Sam Tyler kept repeating to himself “God is in the details”. I’d want to smack him as his subordinate.

But in watching “P Ramlee the musical”, that was all I could repeat to myself. “God is in the details”. P Ramlee the musical is produced by the same people who made Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical. As some of you know, I wasn’t too crazy about PGL although, I do think it’s mostly due to Tiara Jacquelina. But that’s another story for another day. This is about P Ramlee the musical.

I had a fair bit of trepidation before watching P Ramlee. I adore P Ramlee, absolutely love him. I have seen a chunk of his movies and sung most of his songs. He was essentially larger than life, and I was not sure if anyone could pull him off. But I was excited as well because Siti Nurhaliza was performing. And Siti can do no wrong in my eyes. I’d go gay for her.


No amount of Siti could have made up for the farce that was P Ramlee the musical. It was a long musical, about 3.5 hours long and to sum up my experience, it was one of the most tedious experiences I’ve had in theatre. I kept wishing it would just end and put me out of my misery. Felt a bit like JD in Scrubs, where he imagined himself in a noose as a chick kept rambling on about herself in the bar. Except this was me in Istana Budaya with a noose as Sean Ghazi played Sean Ghazi (not P. Ramlee…that man wasn’t there that night) and the actors wore mismatched clothes from various eras. It wasn’t as bad as Chess the musical, but granted, that was done by a bunch of inexperienced high schoolers who mumbled through the lyrics and stumbled through the dance steps.

My favourite part of the musical had to be this: the set. The set was bloody fantastic, and certainly comparable to some of the West End musicals I had seen. Incredibly creative and ostentatious, in a good way! I utterly loved it.

But it’s terrible to think that if the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee was still around, he’d probably made this musical a smashing one. It says a lot about our entertainment industry that in 2007, we can’t even compare to a man whose golden era was in the 1950s.

Since I have so many problems with the musical, I thought I’d break it up into points on what I thought was flawed about the musical if you’re still interested. Or you could stop knowing that it was a terrible experience (if you’re still reading that is. I know how I tend to ramble on my blog). The rest of the critique is on my LiveJournal (which I really ought to revive).

Click here to read the rest of the review.

But that’s just me. I have an insane desire to listen to some P. Ramlee songs now, because I feel so, so cheated. For those of you who had watched it, what do you think?

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Just Two Things

Sunday October 21, 2007
A snippet of the conversation I had with my sister:

Adlina says:
i’ve decided
Adlina says:
you can have david tennant
Adlina says:
i’ll have john simm
Zayni says:
too late
Zayni says:
met john simm the other day
Adlina says:
and what
Zayni says:
said that we’ll have babies and all
Adlina says:
you lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Ahem. There are two things I am currently obsessed about. Obsessed to the point that it consumes me. I live and breathe these two items err…things. One is John Simm. I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. That. Man. There’s just something about him, his boyish charms in Life on Mars that have won me over. I love him in Life on Mars, I love him in Doctor Who. And I’m haunted by the fact that I could have seen him in England, but didn’t because I did not want to fork out 42 pounds (RM 294) to watch him in a play.

Did I make the wrong decision? Will I be living in regret forever?

Secondly, my mind has been caught up with something infinitely shallower than my unfulfilled yearnings for an English actor who doesn’t know I exist. Handbags. I just can’t stop thinking about handbags.I’ve been daydreaming about handbags since before I left for the UK, in the UK and now in Malaysia. I have been wondering if I ought to splurge and get myself an expensive, original Coach handbag. My brother will be returning from the States sometime in November, along with a Season 3 Doctor Who box set from the US (it’s fifteen pounds, get that, fifteen pounds cheaper than the ridiculously priced 50 POUND STERLING in the UK) and he said he wouldn’t mind buying one other item for me.

Which got me thinking.


I have a harboured a desire for a Coach handbag since forever. I want it more than any luxurious item out there be it a Dior handbag or expensive shoes. A friend of mine, Sheila, a great proponent for the The Great Malaysian Migrationâ„¢, insists that Coach isn’t an item of luxury and the Malaysian obsession for Coach isn’t justified. It sure ain’t Dior or Louis Vuitton. Coach is like, like the Bonia of the US. Young professionals buy them. They are affordable. IN THE US. In Malaysia, it costs an arm and a leg for one. And that, is an example of the great injustice us young professionals in Malaysia go through. Working like a dog, and having to fork out a month’s salary for a Coach handbag. Where is the justice?! Where?!

Ahem. Yes, I’d really like a Coach handbag.

Thing is, I have practical things in life that I need right now. I could get a cheaper handbag, or as Jean helpfully suggested, a good fake from Thailand (which isn’t the same…I won’t be able to hug it as I go to bed, stroking it saying “My precious” over and over). I really need glasses. I mean, what is the point of having a nice handbag if I keep running into walls and pillars?

But you really can’t talk logic about these things can you?

Work really begins tomorrow. I’m kinda excited, this past month has allowed for some soul-searching and as a result, real excitement about work and the future. I think I have a greater idea which direction I’d like to go in the future and greater focus when it comes to life. So as a result, I have all the right now to focus on far, far shallower things.

Handbags and John Simm….drool  

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And It’s Canon!

Sunday October 21, 2007


I had just read the news.

So, it’s true. Dumbledore is gay. I thought he was a little too close with Grindelwald, and as it turns out, my suspicions were correct.

I can so see the slash fanfic writers screeching at the top of their lungs: “It’s canon! It’s canon!”

Despite my serious sounding monologue here, I’m actually cracking up real hard here. Dumbledore, gay!

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The Doctor Doesn’t Need Business Cards

Thursday October 18, 2007
With the discovery of the Stowaway, my little shippy heart has been beating very fast. I have a fervent hope that it is about Rose and that the Doctor will find Rose again. Coupled with the fact that it is a jaunty and cheerful tune, I’m left feeling uplifted despite a long journey back from JB.

After much thought, I finally decided that I liked Martha Jones. I had terrible reservations about her originally, mostly because I was so attached to Rose’s character. I loved Rose dearly, mostly because she came from a disadvantaged background and I loved how she rose to the challenge despite her circumstances.

I hope however, they would write Martha’s character better in the fourth season. For one, I’d like to see her be really intelligent. She’s a doctor, for goodness sakes! But if someone had written her an accountant, I really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. She rarely had any doctor-ly moments and for someone travelling across time and space, you’d think she’d be a little interested in medical developments across the universe. I’m trained as an economist and my way of thinking is greatly influenced by my education. I see money in everything (poor Eizwan ) So, more Doctor Martha, more intelligent moments for Martha in Season 4, please!

Secondly, I’d love to see a smiling and sassy Martha. Martha sulked so much through out this as she nursed an unrequited love for the Doctor. I mean, take me. I’m hopelessly in love with the Doctor and Sam Tyler (poor Eizwan), certainly its unrequited  but that does not stop me from having fun.


I am looking to make two sets of business cards for my work. One would be focused on my entrepreneurial and business planning work that I do, and the other, a more creative and less defined one for the creative work that I take on. I find giving entrepreneurial development cards to people when they’re looking for freelance writers scare them.

Thing is, I’m a bit picky. Having googled for business cards, they range from uber-tacky to the uber-boring. What I want is something stylish, yet minimalist. Fashionable, memorable and zen-like. And oh, yes, being typically Malaysian, I’d like it for CHEAP. Which, I know, the final factor is a bit like lopping off your legs before you head of for a marathon. You can’t get fantastic things for cheap.

Meh, oh well. The search continues….

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My Lame Excuse

Tuesday October 16, 2007

Okay, I confess. I have been very crappy about updating for a few reasons.

1. It’s hard to write about the trip to England without getting, all emotional. Sniff, sniff. Tears up thinking of London, already. *Anime-style!*

2. It’s Eid, baby! Eid Mubarak everyone or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

3. I’ve been focusing on fiction writing a lot more, so each time I’m at my pc, I’m writing fiction and so, I don’t have time to write on my blog.

But I will be back. Can’t stay from blogging for far too long, can I? Muchos loves!

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The Thames at Night

Wednesday October 3, 2007
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Jan 01 2006 London 021

Adlina: Hey, isn’t that dome a lot like Capitol Hill?
David: You mean, Capitol Hill copied St. Paul’s cathedral.
Adlina: Oh. Oops.

After a whirlwind fourteen days of being in England, Scotland and France, I’m back home to sunny Malaysia with mixed feelings. Missing London so much already but this time, I come back not so much desolate but a lot more hopeful and a lot more determined.

More pictures and anecdotes to come. For now, let me leave you with:

I had a hell of a great time in Europe!

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