Nanowrimo or Script Writing?

Sunday October 28, 2007


I am incredibly torn.

I was planning to spend the entire time in November writing a novel for Nanowrimo. I even spent most of my free time in October planning out the structure of the novel, writing out the character backgrounds and even doing some research.

But after watching an episode of Life on Mars, a story idea snuck up on me that I remembered jotting it down before I went to bed. By the next morning, all the characters had come to life and I  know how the story will develop, the emotional highs and the emotional lows and how it will end.

Problem is, the story idea is meant for TV.

I’m really passionate about this story and I do think it has a potential. I remember meeting a TV producer a few months back saying that he was looking for something intelligent to try and sell it to Malaysian TV. If I could sell this story idea and the first script, this would mean my first break into TV writing and hopefully, screen writing eventually.

But I was hoping to use Nanowrimo to hone my skills as a novelist. Script Frenzy did wonders for my life, I swear it did. It really opened my eyes to the world of writing and the skills I need in writing something creative. And with the comments I recieved from friends and family, some of them brutally honest, gave me a newfound drive and determination to be able to creatively write for a living.

And in “corporate” terms, it gave me a product that I could develop and sell.

I worry if I don’t make use of Nanowrimo, I’m not ever going to start on a novel. I’m going to daydream and hope about writing a novel till I’m about forty. And still not write one. Having said all that…my gut tells me that I should seize my current excitement for this story and work on it and polish it till it gets somewhere.

Not quite a dilemma, now that I’ve written this out. I think I’ve already decided to focus on this story but I do feel sad that I’m going to miss out on Nanowrimo. I was going to do all that fanfare, with the countdown and the sleepless nights. It was plenty fun but I doubt I can focus on both. Sigh.

Good luck you Nanowrimo writers. I really wish I could join in, but I guess we will have to make sacrifices. As the great P Ramlee said “Korban apa saja”

Posted 10/28/2007 at 6:44 AM

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