Keeping Oneself Interested

You know times are very strange when you start dreaming about the economic stimulus. I dreamt that Obama passed the stimulus bill, which was very nice, which allowed the stock market to rally in Asia, which was very nice too.

Very strange dream.


Ever since I’ve started work in KL on this attachment, life has gotten THIS much more boring. It’s very difficult to remain interesting whilst attached to the corporate world I believe. We become mundane, creatures of habit. I put on my CNN doggy tag that houses my office tags and Touch & Go and head down to KL every morning after I eat my breakfast. Put on my backpack, shove my pretty corporate shoes into my bag (on the days that I’m pissed off and this mature, I don’t even bother, I wear sneakers with my pin-striped suit and imagine myself as the Doctor) and brave my way to the train station.

The morning commutes are not particularly interesting but as of late, it’s started to become a lot more bearable than the first few weeks. The first few weeks I would get so bored that I’ve memorised all the stations on my way to work. I would then close my eyes every so often and open it, trying to guess which station I’m at.

And then I thought it’d be great if I listened to some audiobooks to keep my brain active as I go to work. And technically, it’d be reading right? So I downloaded a free audiobook, Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence. So what if there was a warning that it was sexually explicit? It’s a classic, it was written way before sex was invented right? So it can’t be that scandalous.

I think my face must have looked very strange on that morning’s commute. Something along the lines of OMG! OMG! SO MUCH SEX! OMG! I felt particularly scandalized and I spent the entire day at the office wishing I could take a long shower and scrub myself clean.

So now, I’m back to listening to Death Cab for Cutie on the train, because I’m really 16 underneath my stern suit and No Sex Please, I’m (faux)-British.

Now, it’s already February and the whole of January my poor novel had taken a backseat but now tht I’m starting to settle a bit, I’m getting used to the commute, I could begin writing again. So you’ll be seeing more of me from now.

Whether it is interesting or not, that is a different question.