Thursday December 26, 2002

Hmm…quite a bit of missing pictures. Only realized it after checking this blog at another computer.

Anyway, I’m back in KL and my eyes are red and my nose is runny? Why? Thanks to the KL apartment of course. It’s dusty as ever due to the boxes from India. If I ever wanted to remember what living in India was like, all I have to do is walk by these boxes.

Weather’s a bit gloomy in KL but it’s alright. I like the weather a bit cool. Plus, it helps me work a bit on my Econometrics.

Realized that I haven’t been blogging properly during the holidays. I should have done what Leech did and say that I wouldn’t blog during holidays. It’s just that I don’t have enough motivation to blog.

There is currently an interesting dysfunctional family thing going on in my family. I would love to describe about it, however, if any of my family members read it, I would be dead. I wouldn’t return to Coventry alive. It’d be in a box. Hopefully, they’ll send me back in a box, first class, hehehehe.

Alright, going to go now. I have stuff to do. Plus dad is pestering me to get off the net. And a happy Christmas to everyone (belated albeit). Buh-bye!

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Monday December 23, 2002


Hmm…haven’t updated in a while. Mostly sorting out my ‘urbulent’..err…emotions…hehehe.

Thanks to graceux5 for her kind words. It helped me, whenever I was feeling down, just remembering what you said.

Woohoo. Can’t really write for long. I have an economics essay to write on and I’m just taking a slight breather.

But quick updates of my life:

1. Bummed around in Singapore again. Hmm, nothing else better to do. It is fun however.

2. Watch parents yell at the contractors. They’ve made a million mistakes here and there and we were supposed to move into our house before Raya. Well, now its past Raya and still not plumbing. Sigh.

3. Watched LOTR. I hate to admit this, but I really liked the movie. I didn’t quite like the first movie…I wonder liking LOTR would confirm my suspicions…that I am a geek. Ack!!

Oops. Got to go now. My Uncle Rudy from London is here visiting and we’re gonna go have lunch with him. Later. But first, I’ll leave you with L’Oreal’s new poster boy:

Because he’s definitely worth it.

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Wednesday December 18, 2002

I had a headache today which rendered me completely useless after lunch. Went to bed at around 2pm and got up around 7pm. Had strange dreams about being in a carnival for some reason.

Still slightly depressed. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy being with my family and being in Malaysia. But there are things that are bothering me, that I don’t know who can help me. I’m alone on this one….  

Currently listening to: Opening theme to Chrono Chross and ‘Close Every Door’ from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

Pretty bad boys from Gensomaden Saiyuki.

Good night.

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Tuesday December 17, 2002

“And if she asks you why,

You can tell her I told you,

That I’m tired,

Of castles in the air,

I’ve a got a dream,

I want the world to share castle walls,

Just leave me to despair”

– Don McLean “Castles in the air”

I’m unsettled. I have one thing on my mind and its slowly consuming my life. You know how people say, “You should talk about it, it would clear your mind.” The problem with ‘talking’ about it for me is that I become more and more consumed by it.

Plaguing thought of the day for me (not similar to the above problem): To what extent is professionalism is good? I’ve been thinking about the professional attitude (something that is lacking in Malaysia…but that’s another story for another day). Back in AES AES, teachers didn’t really care about your problems. There was this time when I had a music trip to Dharamsala during the weekend and on the Monday, I had a history assignment due (it was worth 30% of our grade). Even though the music trip was a compulsory school trip for the music department, Mr. Malone (my history teacher) didn’t give in to our pleadings for an extension. And the thing is, why should he? It really wasn’t his problem. It was mine.

Is it good? I don’t know. I sure as hell learnt that I can’t rely on other people’s sympathies to get me anywhere. Whatever problems I have, its mine alone. Kinda reminds me of a scene from The Fugitive:

Dr Richard Kimble: I didn’t kill my wife!
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don’t care!

Cruel? Heartless? The thing is, things get done. I finished my essay on Monday, came to school late and handed it in. I guess to a certain extent, one should be sympathetic to some problems. Aside from major problems people face, why should I care? The thing about professional relationships is, is that it’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

Quote to ponder about:

“I’m sorry, you mistook me for someone who cared.”

(Laughs) I can never be that cruel. But I think, life is like that.

Just leave me to despair…

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Monday December 16, 2002

Spent the entire day shopping for things to put in the new house. Ooooh! How boring was that? Bummed around for about two hours at a tile store while my mum looked at mirrors. The first hour was alright, spent most of it admiring myself.

I had a very deep political thought this morning that I had planned on putting up on the blog. Problem is, I don’t really care about elaborating about it anymore. Damn. There goes my chance on making this blog a meaningful, deep and intellectually challenging place for conversation. Oh well.

Back home in Malaysia, I’ve taken to reading the newspapers again: News Straits Times and The Star. I have forgotten how much fun it is to ridicule the newspapers. Not being biased towards NST, but The Star has got to be the most pretentious newspaper, next to the Sunday Times magazine, and next to the Times of India.

You can’t really hate pretentious newspapers like the Star. You can only read them and laugh.

But there’s a danger on calling people pretentious. The moment you call someone else pretentious, you open yourself up to the possibility of you being pretentious. It’s a vicious cycle.

Am currently chatting with Sayaka. She’s studying for her exams now and she’s doing the most hardcore subjects: Cell bio, organic chemistry, psychology and statistics. Phew! Hope she does well!

I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee now and watch a bit of tv. I’m quite tired, been out the entire day, on my feet shopping for household products. Bleargh. But before I go, I shall leave you with a thought (courtesy of my brother again):

Dyslexics of the world: UNTIE!!


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Saturday December 14, 2002

Currently listening to: “Ohayou” Opening Theme from Hunter x Hunter.

As well as Currently listening to: “Can’t take my eyes of you” by Frankie Vallie

I haven’t been able to update properly in a while now. Real reason is that I’ve been preoccupied with writing the Malaysia Night script. It’s not quite finished, but now the ball is in Halim’s court and so, its off my hands. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Well, not completely out of my hands. I’m currently critiquing the skeleton of the script, and I don’t quite like how soppy the story is (it’s a romantic comedy….I can so hear certain quarters of the male Malaysian population groaning) and probably going to make sure there is more emphasis on the comedy then the romance. Although, no one should really panic. I’m NOT a hopeless romantic. I can be quite evil.

I wish I could write all the time.

Looking for a new mobile phone. I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to buy one, but I can’t help admiring the phones anyway. I’m debating between a Nokia 8310, Motorola T720, Motorola V60i. I’m quite a simple person really I’m not going to buy the latest phones. Lol. I might even end up trying to unlock my Sony CMD J5 and put in a new Vodafone sim card. 

Stupid questions to ask in a survey (courtesy of my brother):

“How many of you have attempted suicide? How many of you have succeeded?”

Alright, toodles. I’m off to have lunch.

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“I just want to love you, baby! Yeah, yeah, yeeeaahhh!!”

– Justin Timberlake. “Like I love you”

Wow. Talk about ages not updating. Problem here is with TMnet. Takes ages to get onto the internet and the connection is really slow.

After that really dull day, I’ve been to Singapore three times within the space of three days. First was to see my bro perform at Orchard Road. Second was to see my sis’s play the saxophone with the middle school band. Very nice. Impressed especially with her music teacher who has to handle 173 hyperactive kids with instruments. Phew! And then, went to Singapore again, this time to drop my sister off at her Christmas dance. Man, I’m exhausted. If I see Singapore anytime again, it’ll be too soon.

I just don’t understand the animosity between Malaysia and Singapore. It just makes my life more hellish I live literally 15 minutes away from Singapore. BUT the problem is, due to the immigration on both sides, it takes about say, an hour or so to get in and out of Singapore and Malaysia. Both sides are so horrible to each other, when its obvious we both need each other. Alright, Singapore needs us more than we need them. Heheheheh. Just kidding. We are dependent on each other.

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Mainly for Malaysia Night. Would love to tell you the story but “sorewa himitsu desu!”

I’m going to take an afternoon nap now. Laterz. Might get a bit more interesting later on.

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Wednesday December 11, 2002

Oooh! Such a slow day today. Slept most of the day, making up for my lack of sleep for the past few days. Went to Jan’s band performance. It was quite good and I have to admit, the Singapore American School‘s choir group and even the Jazz band were much better than AES. Woo! Even though I was bitten by mosquitoes, I really enjoyed the selection of songs, especially the jazzed up Christmas Carols.

My grandparents and my cousin, Farah came from KL today. Quite cool. Finally get to beraya. Did a whirlwind visit of Johor Bahru i.e. all the relatives houses. Did not get duit raya (At Christmas, ppl get presents, during Eid, esp. children, they get money). How sad. I wonder if they think I’m too old. But I’m not! I’m still a kid!!

Ate laksa Johor. Very happy about that.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Going to Singapore again (this time to see Hani’s band perform) and will get to drive again. Didn’t drive today. Very dull. But that’s life. At least I did not write about my refridgerator.

I guess I’m feeling slightly guilty right now. I have yet to start any of my holiday homework, call on my MSA committee members who are back in Malaysia (or even tell them where I am) AND have yet to text Yean Koon. I’m sooo sorry for being such a slacker!!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this. Have a good evening everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Which Sesame Street Muppet’s Dark Secret Are You?

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