Monday December 23, 2002


Hmm…haven’t updated in a while. Mostly sorting out my ‘urbulent’..err…emotions…hehehe.

Thanks to graceux5 for her kind words. It helped me, whenever I was feeling down, just remembering what you said.

Woohoo. Can’t really write for long. I have an economics essay to write on and I’m just taking a slight breather.

But quick updates of my life:

1. Bummed around in Singapore again. Hmm, nothing else better to do. It is fun however.

2. Watch parents yell at the contractors. They’ve made a million mistakes here and there and we were supposed to move into our house before Raya. Well, now its past Raya and still not plumbing. Sigh.

3. Watched LOTR. I hate to admit this, but I really liked the movie. I didn’t quite like the first movie…I wonder liking LOTR would confirm my suspicions…that I am a geek. Ack!!

Oops. Got to go now. My Uncle Rudy from London is here visiting and we’re gonna go have lunch with him. Later. But first, I’ll leave you with L’Oreal’s new poster boy:

Because he’s definitely worth it.

Posted 12/23/2002 at 12:7 AM


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