Tuesday September 18, 2007


Am off to London for a bit. It’s been a long time coming and I’m quite excited and happy to go! Will try to get online when I’m there, but for the most part, have a great two weeks! W

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Three More Days

Saturday September 15, 2007


Only three more days in Malaysia before I’m off to London! I honestly can’t wait. It’s been ages since I’ve had a proper holiday and despite trying my best to remain calm and collected about the holiday, honestly, I’m uber excited. Should I brush up on my French? It’s been years since I spoke French, I don’t think I’d be able to even order a cheese omelet in French anymore. Do they even serve cheese omelets in Paris?

Anyway, here is a vague but slightly psychotic itinerary of my days in England:

19/9: Arrive and head straight to Reading to my Uncle’s place
20/9: Reading. Sleeping most likely.
21/9: Off to David‘s place. Whilst he plays with money, I’d probably be parking myself in front of the boob tube to brush up on my very poor British accent. Because I’m snooty that way.
22/9: Paris! I’m off to Paris. So, sue me, I’ve never been to Paris, so I can’t help but be all giddy now.
23/9: Paris!
24/9: Back to London. Either will spend time walking around in London, in the parks for inspiration, hunting for John Simm or David Tennant (honestly, I’m not fussed) or parking myself in front of the TV again.
25/9: St. Andrews…I think! I’m still debating on this one. It’s a bit expensive but I don’t know when I’d be able to head down to St. Andrews again so I’d rather not miss this chance. If not, I’d just bum in London.
26/9: St. Andrews. Home of golf. Or London. See where the wind blows.
27/9: St. Andrews/London – Because I’m crazy that way. And I have a gay social to attend that night.
28/9: London. Either parked in front of the TV again, shopping or writing poetry by Hyde Park. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t even read poetry.
29/9: London. David!weekend
30/9: London. David!weekend
1/10: Back to Malaysia. *Cries for the longest time*

As you can see, the London bits are still unplanned. I had already planned my trip to Paris (well, more like I messaged Maya for things to do, and forwarded her suggestions to David, making me seem like I spent ages researching), an itinerary that would be guaranteed to kill any tourist. David assured I’d be dead by the end of the trip if I attempted the itinerary. But London is still missing. Considering I’ve been to most of the touristy bits of London, I reckon I want to do something a bit different during the day. But what?

A part of me is hoping that if I keep sending positive thoughts to the universe, especially thoughts of bumping into John Simm and David Tennant, there’s a real possibility I might just bump into either one of them.

One last day of actually running my errands. Is it just me or are malls just a lot emptier during the fasting month? Whatever, I’m not complaining. Makes running of errands a lot easier.

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Tuesday September 11, 2007


One way to really waste your time as the night goes on would be to….


According to Wiki a macro is a picture with digitally superimposed text, often for humorous effect. Think Lolcats. If you’ve not heard of lolcats, shame on you.


I’m not a big fan of Lolcats but have lolcats and Doctor Who, will travel. Here are some of my total, total favourites from the Ihasatardis community journal:

*Beware ye of spoilers. Spoilers up to Season 3*

1. The Archnemesis’ Diary.
2. The Doctor’s Diary
3. Crossover with Chasing Amy – but funny enough on its own.
4. Buffy + Doctor Who = Love
5. Evil Giraffe – nearly died with this one.
6. I can has a gurlfren?
7. Regenerate! – so much love for this one
8. Covered in bees! – Eddie Izzard knowledge required

My most favourite ever:

And now we return back to our usual programming. Bai bai!

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Back from Penang

Tuesday September 11, 2007

When discussing songs with my dad:

“This is the original! This singer is a lot older than the other singer you’re talking about.”

“Old? Like how old?”

“Old like dead!”

When Dad tries to pick a fight with someone:

“What? What? You wanna fight with me? Well, your girlfriend’s got a moustache!”

Of course, Dad only says it behind someone’s back. He doesn’t actually dare say it in front of someone.


It’s been two days from our trip to Penang. Embarassingly and despite bragging to David that I was going to a tropical island where there’s sun, sea and surf, we spent most of the time there in the hotel or in the mall whilst mum worked.

I think most people would scream in agony wondering hearing about my Penang trip:  “Why? Why didn’t you go to the beach?” Here’s the thing. People who live in the tropics rarely crave the beach. We crave snow, so whilst the West craves sun and surf, we crave snow and snowmen. Europeans crave being tanned. Asians slather on SPF 3000 to remain as fair as possible.

We always want what we can’t have.

I was supposed to actually do work but I think, being absolutely honest with myself, I spent more time on the bed watching the Discovery Channel (Mythbusters rock!) and missing the Interweb. But now that I’m back in KL, I’m frantically trying to catch up. Why pace yourself when you can stress yourself the day before everything is due? It’s more fun that way.

Work is work. I’m typing up my synopsis for a TV series I’m trying to hawk/pimp that a TV producer requested. I’ve also edited a script for the VO work I’m doing tonight. The final line of the whole thing is something I’m totally proud of:

“It is only right that it remains so in our collective consciousness, as inspiration towards achieving Malaysia’s sporting dream.”

Outright propaganda, you scream? Maybe so. But it’s grammatically superior and posh propaganda!

Eizwan is coming home tomorrow! Wheee!! And, 8 more days till London. London, you say? Yes, am off to London for a long and welcomed holiday, hee hee! I got that Paris ticket to use up, after all.

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Music Talk

Wednesday September 5, 2007

Shahira is going to disown me as a friend. Well, she’s disowned me several times before but I know she definitely will this time.

But I really like Britney’s new song: “Gimme more”

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Waiting till 2010

Tuesday September 4, 2007


Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this.

According to this, there won’t be a Doctor Who in 2009, except for three measly specials. THREE MEASLY SPECIALS!?! I am dying here, waiting for the November 16th 10 minute Children-in-need special and they’re telling me that in 2009, I can only watch THREE one hour specials? Are they trying to kill me?!

And get this, it would only be in 2010 before the good Doctor will return for a fifth season. The lack of episodes in 2009 is to accommodate David Tennant acting as Hamlet at the RSC during the summer of 2008.

You do know what this means right? This means, screw all other holiday plans. Rome, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India can wait. I AM HEADING BACK TO ENGLAND FOR THE SUMMER OF 2008 SO I CAN WORSHIP HIS HOTNESS, DAVID TENNANT ON STAGE. It’s like I almost never left Warwick at the rate I’m going. Always back in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Anyhoo, David Tennant better stay on for the fifth season for all the torment he is putting his fans through. Is it possible to turn David Tennant into a Time Lord? That way he can just remain that age for a long, long time and we wouldn’t have to go through this silly regeneration business. Or better yet, when it’s time regenerate, new Doctor but still the same old David Tennant.

I’m more than a little annoyed. I’ll be 27 when the good Doctor returns to our TV screen. It’s one thing to be an obsessed and a little ood (pun intended) over Doctor Who when you’re 24. You’re in your early twenties, you’re still a kid. But when you’re in your late twenties, wouldn’t that be a little sad to still be oodling (pun still intended) over a kid’s TV show? It’s already sad now, but I guarantee you, it’ll be strange (no more ood, I was weirding myself out there) to walk into Toys R Us to find a Sonic Screwdriver. “It’s for my…err, niece. Yeah, niece. She thinks a blue wand thingie that buzzes is uber cool.”

Geez, being a fan is difficult.

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