Three More Days

Saturday September 15, 2007


Only three more days in Malaysia before I’m off to London! I honestly can’t wait. It’s been ages since I’ve had a proper holiday and despite trying my best to remain calm and collected about the holiday, honestly, I’m uber excited. Should I brush up on my French? It’s been years since I spoke French, I don’t think I’d be able to even order a cheese omelet in French anymore. Do they even serve cheese omelets in Paris?

Anyway, here is a vague but slightly psychotic itinerary of my days in England:

19/9: Arrive and head straight to Reading to my Uncle’s place
20/9: Reading. Sleeping most likely.
21/9: Off to David‘s place. Whilst he plays with money, I’d probably be parking myself in front of the boob tube to brush up on my very poor British accent. Because I’m snooty that way.
22/9: Paris! I’m off to Paris. So, sue me, I’ve never been to Paris, so I can’t help but be all giddy now.
23/9: Paris!
24/9: Back to London. Either will spend time walking around in London, in the parks for inspiration, hunting for John Simm or David Tennant (honestly, I’m not fussed) or parking myself in front of the TV again.
25/9: St. Andrews…I think! I’m still debating on this one. It’s a bit expensive but I don’t know when I’d be able to head down to St. Andrews again so I’d rather not miss this chance. If not, I’d just bum in London.
26/9: St. Andrews. Home of golf. Or London. See where the wind blows.
27/9: St. Andrews/London – Because I’m crazy that way. And I have a gay social to attend that night.
28/9: London. Either parked in front of the TV again, shopping or writing poetry by Hyde Park. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t even read poetry.
29/9: London. David!weekend
30/9: London. David!weekend
1/10: Back to Malaysia. *Cries for the longest time*

As you can see, the London bits are still unplanned. I had already planned my trip to Paris (well, more like I messaged Maya for things to do, and forwarded her suggestions to David, making me seem like I spent ages researching), an itinerary that would be guaranteed to kill any tourist. David assured I’d be dead by the end of the trip if I attempted the itinerary. But London is still missing. Considering I’ve been to most of the touristy bits of London, I reckon I want to do something a bit different during the day. But what?

A part of me is hoping that if I keep sending positive thoughts to the universe, especially thoughts of bumping into John Simm and David Tennant, there’s a real possibility I might just bump into either one of them.

One last day of actually running my errands. Is it just me or are malls just a lot emptier during the fasting month? Whatever, I’m not complaining. Makes running of errands a lot easier.

Posted 9/15/2007 at 10:6 PM

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