Tuesday September 11, 2007


One way to really waste your time as the night goes on would be to….


According to Wiki a macro is a picture with digitally superimposed text, often for humorous effect. Think Lolcats. If you’ve not heard of lolcats, shame on you.


I’m not a big fan of Lolcats but have lolcats and Doctor Who, will travel. Here are some of my total, total favourites from the Ihasatardis community journal:

*Beware ye of spoilers. Spoilers up to Season 3*

1. The Archnemesis’ Diary.
2. The Doctor’s Diary
3. Crossover with Chasing Amy – but funny enough on its own.
4. Buffy + Doctor Who = Love
5. Evil Giraffe – nearly died with this one.
6. I can has a gurlfren?
7. Regenerate! – so much love for this one
8. Covered in bees! – Eddie Izzard knowledge required

My most favourite ever:

And now we return back to our usual programming. Bai bai!

Posted 9/11/2007 at 9:29 PM

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