Just Two Things

Sunday October 21, 2007
A snippet of the conversation I had with my sister:

Adlina says:
i’ve decided
Adlina says:
you can have david tennant
Adlina says:
i’ll have john simm
Zayni says:
too late
Zayni says:
met john simm the other day
Adlina says:
and what
Zayni says:
said that we’ll have babies and all
Adlina says:
you lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Ahem. There are two things I am currently obsessed about. Obsessed to the point that it consumes me. I live and breathe these two items err…things. One is John Simm. I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. That. Man. There’s just something about him, his boyish charms in Life on Mars that have won me over. I love him in Life on Mars, I love him in Doctor Who. And I’m haunted by the fact that I could have seen him in England, but didn’t because I did not want to fork out 42 pounds (RM 294) to watch him in a play.

Did I make the wrong decision? Will I be living in regret forever?

Secondly, my mind has been caught up with something infinitely shallower than my unfulfilled yearnings for an English actor who doesn’t know I exist. Handbags. I just can’t stop thinking about handbags.I’ve been daydreaming about handbags since before I left for the UK, in the UK and now in Malaysia. I have been wondering if I ought to splurge and get myself an expensive, original Coach handbag. My brother will be returning from the States sometime in November, along with a Season 3 Doctor Who box set from the US (it’s fifteen pounds, get that, fifteen pounds cheaper than the ridiculously priced 50 POUND STERLING in the UK) and he said he wouldn’t mind buying one other item for me.

Which got me thinking.


I have a harboured a desire for a Coach handbag since forever. I want it more than any luxurious item out there be it a Dior handbag or expensive shoes. A friend of mine, Sheila, a great proponent for the The Great Malaysian Migrationâ„¢, insists that Coach isn’t an item of luxury and the Malaysian obsession for Coach isn’t justified. It sure ain’t Dior or Louis Vuitton. Coach is like, like the Bonia of the US. Young professionals buy them. They are affordable. IN THE US. In Malaysia, it costs an arm and a leg for one. And that, is an example of the great injustice us young professionals in Malaysia go through. Working like a dog, and having to fork out a month’s salary for a Coach handbag. Where is the justice?! Where?!

Ahem. Yes, I’d really like a Coach handbag.

Thing is, I have practical things in life that I need right now. I could get a cheaper handbag, or as Jean helpfully suggested, a good fake from Thailand (which isn’t the same…I won’t be able to hug it as I go to bed, stroking it saying “My precious” over and over). I really need glasses. I mean, what is the point of having a nice handbag if I keep running into walls and pillars?

But you really can’t talk logic about these things can you?

Work really begins tomorrow. I’m kinda excited, this past month has allowed for some soul-searching and as a result, real excitement about work and the future. I think I have a greater idea which direction I’d like to go in the future and greater focus when it comes to life. So as a result, I have all the right now to focus on far, far shallower things.

Handbags and John Simm….drool  

Posted 10/21/2007 at 9:53 AM

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