Good Advice

We are about one week away from the second promotion of our little tea business. Right after our first promotion, we were extremely gung-ho and we started planning in great detail, what we are going to do, day by day. Of course a week before the event itself – we’re feeling very relaxed. The panic, as always, will happen the day before the event itself.

It is not to say that we are not doing anything. We are slowly but surely building up our inventory, from supplies of packaging to equipment. We bought a heat gun today, to heat shrink our hampers. The man who sold it to us was a cheerful Chinese man who sold very dangerous DIY equipment for a living. While willing to sell the heat gun, he cautioned that we must use the heat gun wisely i.e. we really ought not to use it as a hair dryer.

“Your hair might catch fire,” he said solemnly.

The thing is, I am quite the rebel despite my Asian indoctrination. So when someone tells me not to do something, this deep rebellious streak in me has a tendency to do exactly what I’m not supposed to. So now I am tempted to use this equipment as a hair dryer despite the stark warning I’ll set my hair on fire.

I am terrified of the power I have in my hands.


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