Wednesday November 27, 2002

Oooh. My entire shoulder is aching. My lower back is aching. I sound like an old woman. Sheesh.

Another very stressful day, especially at the Rojak practice. Halim and I weren’t feeling particularly good. I have finance on my mind and I have visions of flunking my 2nd year dancing around in my head. In other words, I’m actually s*** scared about my upcoming test, about the entire year, about the two assessments due after Christmas holidays. Halim was equally stressed. We were such a happy family today at practice. I really have to chill. Repeating Miklos’ mantra in my head “Just chill, Adlina, just chill.”

I guess the hecticness of my schedule has been reflected in my most absolute foul of foul moods and not to mention, becoming extremely whiny. I hate going back to my desk where I have to work! Not to mention, that I’m eating badly. Currently, my sahur consists of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, McVities Digestives and two slices of toasts with butter. Not to forget loads of pringles. And coffee. And more finance reading and seminar homework.

Sigh…I miss sleep. I haven’t even thought of the things I want to buy for my brother and sister much less shop for their presents! I so don’t have enough time. If I could do without sleep, I so would.

But not the entire day was a down factor. Even though I came back very tense, an e-mail was waiting for me which made me smile:

boss director lady, this is fariz, i’m sorry but i’m really behind in most of my work assignments and group work and so my group has asked for a meeting tonite. sorry for the really (extremely) short notice and could you also pass on my apologies to dance boss lady please as i do not have her email. i will come for the next practices though!



Tomorrow, tomorrow, how I so dread tomorrow….Bleargh. When are the holidays anyway?

Posted 11/27/2002 at 10:0 PM


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