Saturday November 30, 2002

Ahh!! Rojak is over! (To know what Rojak is, please refer here)I’m quite glad it went well, even though there were controversies dealing with the gathering, hehehe. There were some teething problems that comes with doing a play/dinner/dance extravaganza (extravaganza?) but it WAS great stuff!

The decorations were really pretty (felt so festive) and the food, wow, it was excellent. The Tocil Restaurant with Safa as head chef, but not forgetting Haydeq, Shida, Dina, RedhaWhatever!”,Ded and Philip, put in a fantastic effort with one of the best MSA dinners ever! The Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) was really, really good and the dessert was fantastic. It wasn’t so difficult cleaning up as everyone finished all the food!

It was a really good night. More people turned up than we expected. At one point I was nearly hyperventilating when I thought people wasn’t going to turn up (but that’s just me. I’m ultra-paranoid). I had put my bets on 60 people, at max although I hoped 70 people. 110 people turned up!! Woo! I’m so happy. A successful MSA event. Kudos to all who turned up and a great job to everyone who helped out in making Rojak a success. I’m pleased with the play as well and the musical performances. The nasyid was really good and the pop songs very entertaining.

Although, I had bones to pick with the play i.e. the script mostly (not my darling actors :-P). Not worried about offending anyone (I’ve been offending a lot of people lately…maybe it’s because people are anal in general. It’s never my fault…hehehe. Great, offended someone again!) because the script was written by Halim and I. Here are the things I’ve noted. We created three very funny and popular characters who don’t appear again at the play. Too much thought was put into creating the side characters that the main characters seemed pale in comparison. I could sense the audience wanted those three characters again. Secondly, talk about awkward scene changes. I mean, I must have spent more time on stage putting props on compared to the actors. Must keep that in mind. People who saw the play, please comment on it!

However…saying all that, I really liked seeing something I’ve written being performed and working on the play. I do enjoy writing and I love working on plays. I always have. It makes me question. Do I REALLY want to go into financial banking? Or pursue something that I’m not sure I’m good at, something that risky? Why can’t I love financial banking?

Hmm….I’m so tired right now. But I’m happy to know that people enjoyed themselves. There are other things to focus on such as my Finance exam. And getting people presents. I have to shop! Sooo many things to do, so little time.

It’ll be nice to get back to Malaysia. So Koon, what’s cool in M’sia right now? Hope we’d get to hang out more this time round as opposed to summer. See you soon!!

P/S: Look at my lack of vocabulary. It’s all, really and like, and very good and seriously. Lol. I promise I will make a greater effort tomorrow. I’m just tired right now. 😀

Posted 11/30/2002 at 9:47 PM


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