Doctor Who S5…so far, so meh

I think I’ve been delaying this post for awhile, giving me time to collect my thoughts and muddle through it, process it internally before spewing my guts onto my blog.

Especially since I feel guilty about it. But of course, me feeling guilty is nothing significant. It does not take much to feel guilty and aside from the usual human emotions, guilt is probably something I feel all the time.

What do I feel guilty about?

I feel guilty that I’m starting not enjoy this season of Doctor Who that much. Cut for spoilers and for um, people who do not care that much about Doctor Who. Continue reading


The Eleventh Hour

“Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard…and you’re not scared. Must be a hell of a scary crack in your wall.”

So much love for this first episode. I know I said I was going to blog about it but it’s been a busy day and I’m rather tired. It’s one of those episodes, the more I think about it, the more I love it.

In conclusion, my love for Doctor Who extends beyond just David Tennant (sorry David). It really is for the show.

Slight spoilers ahead.

Favourite scene in The Eleventh Hour? When the Doctor calls back the Atraxi and asks them if this planet is protected. Aaaaah! So awesome.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor. Basically….run.”

60 days – Happy, chubby and efficient bunny

So yesterday….well, yesterday. I am surprised I do not feel like I’ve been hit by a bus like I usually do considering yesterday…but well, let’s get on with what actually happened yesterday.

So yesterday started with a very grumpy Adlina counting calories. Although I said earlier and many times that I would not diet, as it turns out, it IS necessary for me to diet. Although I’m not so sure which is worse – the diet or my eating of my words, I think the latter affected me most. So yesterday was about the third day of my diet, and as diet goes – despite it being healthy and nutritious, it does not stop one from being hungry!

I had an epic day planned – it ranged from getting Eizwan’s car serviced, putting a deposit down with the photographer, picking our wedding rings and shopping for another piece of jewellery for my hantaran, getting Eizwan’s suit altered for the reception evening. Eizwan suggested we could try and exercise because I was feeling particularly low about my weight. All that in one weekend. The question is – is it possible?

Cut for those who might not want to read insane wedding ramblings.

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New Keyboard…and fetish?

I’ve been suffering for the past few months with my keyboard on my laptop going to the final place in the sky..keyboard-wise. It’s been especially hard on me, since I write quite a bit.

But today, my lovely, very loving, best, best, best fiance bought me a wireless keyboard with a wireless mouse by Logitech. In a matter of plugging in the receiver to my laptop, typing has stopped being a torture. I don’t have to keep bashing a key to get the ‘h’, ‘t’  and g to appear, and my fingers can just go on and on and on without feeling like it’s about to fracture from slamming a key down.

I love you, Eizwan. Other girls get handbags and jewellery. I get a keyboard and a mouse and I’m over the moon. You know what makes this girl happy.


Of course, one can’t just blog and share a story about a keyboard on the blog. My blog gets very odd hits, mostly from “C*oming out of the c*loset” from the play and sometimes Doctor Who stuff. Today, however, I got a hit for an “asthma attack fanfic”

Now, this is something completely new for me. Either there is a show out there called “Asthma Attack” or that there is a whole fetish out there dedicated to asthma attacks. I can just see the summary now.

Title: The Case of Missing Inhaler

Pairing: Doctor/Amy

Summary: Amy and the Doctor is on the planet Uroxa when Amy gets an asthma attack. Can the Doctor find her blue inhaler, the reliever before it’s too late? And what is it with the seretide accuhaler shortage?

Please let there not be a fetish dedicated to asthma attacks. Or actually, if there is one, please  send the fic to me. I’d so want to read it.

Doctor Who in T-2! The Eleventh Hour premieres April 3rd!

Doctor Who and my writing

*Skip if you don’t to read about mushy, gushy things about my life experiences*

Somewhere in 2006, I was deeply unhappy about my job back in TEH EVILZ ORG. I was so unhappy about my job that I fantasized about getting into an accident on the way to work so that I wouldn’t get to the office. And each day was a torture, I counted the number of days I had to serve before I could leave.

It was also around that time I had the worst writer’s block of my life. I would stare at the screen and not be able to write anything. Life really had no meaning.

Around the same time, BBC Entertainment (RIP BBCE) was picked up by Astro. As I was missing England so desperately at that time, I watched everything on BBC E, including countless episodes of the crappy ‘The Weakest Link’. They had the updated Doctor Who – I vaguely remember my mum telling me something about DW when she was growing up as a kid, when Malaysia used to import more British programmes than Hollywood stuff. Something about the Daleks scaring the hell out of her.

Watched the first few episodes of Doctor Who and was thoroughly unimpressed. It seemed more stupid then intelligent. It was no Hollywood show and I left it behind.

And then one day, while visiting my parents in Johor, I chanced on another DW episode. It was one of those lazy Sundays – and I watched whatever was on. It was Doctor Who. Father’s Day to be accurate. I watched the episode and I cried.

I was completely flabbergasted that I could cry over a kid’s show. And I vowed to watch another episode. I did. It was the Empty Child. And I was hiding my eyes behind my fingers as I sat on the sofa, terrified of a kiddie show. And then I watched another. And then, I ahem, made way to an ahem, less than legal supplier of DVDs to get an entire season (I’ve made up for it since by buying the originals). And watched it almost all in one go. And I watched it again and cried when the Doctor regenerated.

Life continued on all the same in the meanwhile. It was still difficult, and to a certain extent, it never got any easier. I went through lows that I would not wish on anyone and retreated back into things that were familiar to me to keep me sane. Like fanfic and Doctor Who.

I was addicted to Doctor Who. I watched, I surfed through forums, bought little Dalek keychains. And when the season was off air, I read the fanfics like a fiend, trying to get as much DW I could get in my life.

And then one day, the unthinkable happened. Three years after I stopped writing fiction, after watching John Simm flap around as the Master, I picked up a metaphorical pen (metaphorical since I mostly type these days) and started writing. I started writing what became ‘The Master and the Wolf‘. I did it during my spare time, I love Billie Piper, I love John Simm, thought they would look so cute together.

The Master and the Wolf‘ led to writing ‘Pop Princess‘, my first script frenzy, little shorts that got me into the Astro-NIDA writing classes, my first staged play – ‘Coming Out the Closet‘, little short stories revolving a nutty town in Malaysia, a short story, shorts that were filmed and then my most ambitious project ever, a full-length mystery novel. I’ve lost a social life dedicated to this project, it’s nowhere near complete but by God, I’m going to try and get it published.

I wrote the fanfic for myself; it was Eizwan who insisted I ought to try post it up online. It meant a new kind of discipline as well, reworking on an old piece, polishing it up. It was my first novel-length piece that I finished and posted for everyone to see.

It’s not perfect but it was this baby that started me writing again. And this Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be posting the final chapter and there is a kind of ache in my heart, a bit like losing a best friend. This fanfic means quite a lot to me – it brought Eizwan and I closer than ever, he is my number one cheerleader – he reads through my writing late at night, edits it and criticizes it when he thinks it’s not good enough and sometimes is late to work for it.

This fic is what pushed me to write and to dream again. This fic helped me develop discipline for writing, especially when there are days when I’m bored out of my mind trying to write it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a published author. I do know it is something I want very much in my life. It is something that I am willing to put my wedding planning aside for, something I work till late at night for and pushing my friends aside for.

But if I do. It will be because many years ago, I caught a kiddie programme on TV that compelled me to write again when everything seemed so bleak. There are writers who credit brilliant authors for their inspiration to write. I will credit a Time Lord traveling in a phone box battling pepper-pot aliens.


Title: The Master and the Wolf

Rating: PG

Summary: Three years post Doomsday, Rose has adjusted somewhat to her life in Pete’s world as Defender of the Earth. But she’s about to face her greatest test yet as she finds an abandoned TARDIS in the Tundra. And just who is this Harry Saxon trying to woo her?

Read it here on: Teaspoon (where it will be completed this weekend) or on


False Gods

Did you really think that I would go a week without writing a commentary on Doctor Who? Really, then – if that were the case, I would not be me. The me being the girl who received birthday presents that created a mini David Tennant (actually more Doctor-like) shrine on her table. So much so that my sister asked me if I had done my morning puja for DT each time she came  into my room.

But I digress. So…The Waters on Mars anyone?

*Spoilers beyond this point and too much thought put into a kid’s tv show* Continue reading