On Golfing and being married


Before I got married, I used to worry that because Eizwan was such an avid golfer, I would end up a golfwidow, never seeing my husband on weekends, losing him to golf.

The irony is that after we marry, Eizwan barely touched his clubs. Sometimes I wonder if it was my disdain for golf that stopped him from playing.

Which is why this picture is a wonder. This is Eizwan at a golf festival testing out clubs. If you told the younger me that one day I’d be insisting Eizwan go and that I’d wake up early to support his golf, I’d tell you that you were bonkers.

Which goes to show marriage brings out the things in you that you never thought was possible.


3 comments on “On Golfing and being married

  1. brianpenn says:

    Free Eizwan! Grip it and rip it man.

    Regards, Brian

    • Eizwan says:

      That’s not accurate Brian: actually it was me myself who lost interest to play. Too many bad games in a row. But Adlina still supports me in anything I want to do – from go-karting, to martial arts, to golf. So yes, I may just get back to it. (Although I usually do better at nice-and-smooth rather than gripping-and-ripping.)

  2. brianpenn says:

    LOL, good answer! Keep that marital bliss alive as long as you can 🙂

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