What I do on my break

My routine in the morning goes something like this. I wake up, grump at Eizwan for having to wake up and then check my stuff online (yes, I do go online even before I have my morning coffee). I read the news, check Twitter before checking my blog.

Recently though, I have not been checking my blog though. Mostly it’s because I’m feeling so guilty that I haven’t been blogging. I try not to say “I don’t have time!” as an excuse – it’s an excuse that annoys the hell out of me when I talk to people. But unfortunately, it is true. In between trying to start a new business and writing, I barely have time to eat, much less blog.

Which is a shame, because a lot of the stuff I enjoy doing have fallen on the wayside – even my daily dose of McNulty has been reduced to seeing Dominic West in John Carter, in the rare instance that I do go out.
So, who says that working with your family can be a dead end? Either you’ve never done so or you don’t have my family.

Anyway, after a crazy intense month, my parents declared they needed a break and headed down to Johor. Which means, a break for me!
The first morning they were gone felt very strange for me. After working constantly, including weekends and nights, it felt very strange and odd to not have any work. So I kept sending my parents work emails although they were driving down. Again, if you think it’s odd to be sending your parents work emails, you don’t work for my mother. For as long as I can remember, my mother has made her children sign contracts with her. For real.

It’s only fair, you know.

But I’m on a break! I shouldn’t be on my pc working. I should do stuff that I haven’t had time to do. Like clean up the house. Or play with the cats. Except the cats did not want to play with me. Instead they took turns babysitting me, keeping a watchful eye on me. As though they’re thinking “This human isn’t used to being at home. She might hurt herself.”

I wish I could sit still and rest because God knows I need it. But instead, I started scheming on the things I can do, things I can prep so that I could make our life easier in the coming ridiculously busy months.

I opted to prep frozen food, stuff that requires me to do minimum cooking on busy workdays. And of course, if you know me – why do the simple stuff when you can do the insane!? Why I’ve already bulked purchase my vegetables, blanched then and froze the. Now I can safely ignore and still not eat my veges and not feel guilty as they wilt away in the fridge.

And if you’re going to freeze vege, why not freeze some burger buns for a quick dinner? And why do it the easy way by buying burger buns when you can make it yourself?

I think it’s for this reason that my family points out that when I fall ill, I tend to fall ill spectacularly.


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