Clean All the Things!

As it happens after a very long weekend in Malaysia, the first day of work would be completely unproductive. And since I had a very productive weekend, I suppose I did not feel too bad that I somewhat collapsed in the afternoon. One minute I was watching a bit of Cooking for Real, and the next minute, Giada was on TV.

This happens quite a lot to me lately, one minute I would be awake and the next I could have sworn that I had only been out for a minute but an hour or two had past. It’s disorienting but most of all, it is deeply unsatisfying. I love my sleep – I want to savour it. Deep sleep, even though it may be good for my body, does not feel like sleep. I like the feeling of unable to wake up, the eyes being unable to open and the lethargy that sets in your bones before feeling sprightly and properly awake later on.

Eizwan reckons it happens to me more often since I am rather busy lately. I am quite. Work is incredibly busy and as it is, I’m usually running around. Free time involves me jotting down bits of writing and then, my new ‘I-Need-A-New-Hobby’ hobby is….*drumroll* cleaning.

Yes, Adlina, the one who refuses to be domestic has suddenly found cleaning, her new hobby. But here me out before you delete my phone number from your Iphones. The thing is, cleaning can be kinda fun in a cheapskate, ‘look-at-me-getting-fitter-without-going-to-the-gym’ and mad scientist ‘look-at-me-combining-household-items-into-a-cleaner,-wait-what-is-that-smell,-wait-did-I-just-make-something-toxic’ kinda of way.

Great cleaning recipe by the way: 1 part vinegar, 2 part water and a squidge of dish soap in a spray bottle gives you a great all-purpose cleaner. 

And I justify my sudden attachment to homeliness by saying that if 3M, one of the most innovative companies in the world (next to Apple) can spend time making funky products for cleaning your house (favourite items, the rayon mop), clearly they are onto something. Angry Birds watch out, the future is in scrubbing your grout clean.

I kid. Sort of. But there is something deeply satisfying when the little house we rented have started turning into a home. It makes me excited. And a little sad because that it’s not really my home, and I can’t do super fun things like renovating the kitchen, the bathroom, or pulling the half the kitchen down to make a proper garden, and getting rid of some of the wasted space.

My landlady is quite relaxed about doing things like painting and installing hooks, minor cosmetic changes, nothing involving breaking down the hideous tiles in the kitchen before reinstalling them myself – so I have suggested to Eizwan that the least we could you know, sand down the kitchen cabinets and paint it over. I just love DIY.

At this point, he usually hugs me and tells me that to go to sleep and that tomorrow is a new day. And that tomorrow, he tells me, I’ll find another obsession, hopefully one that does not involving sanding down the kitchen.


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