Day 1: Now Everyone (that is able-bodied anyway) Can Fly

The last time I went on a holiday with my grandparents was in 2005. I had just gotten back from the UK and was itching to go on a holiday. My grandmother had been bugging me to go on a holiday with them so somehow, in my mind anyway it made sense to bring my grandfather of 80 years and my grandmother of 70 years to a holiday in Vietnam.

That was nearly 8 years ago. It is probably the same kind of madness that prompted my mum to take her parents who are now 92 years and 80 year old respectively to go to the City of Joy.

The journey to Calcutta was nothing less than harrowing. I hate the LCCT with a vengeance. If cattle, as in the type that moo as opposed to those who can’t actually afford a decent flight ticket, could fly, this would be the kind of airport they would be comfortable with. There are not enough seats to sit down, the place is hot, dirty and stinking. It’s harrowing enough as an able-bodied person much less when you have two very elderly people in tow.

And every time I go here, I swear I will never fly Air Asia again, knowing full well I’ll probably be breaking that promise next month or something.


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