New Haircut

Argie, I’m definitely approaching that age where it’s inappropriate to have photos of me without make up on

So yesterday, I got a haircut.

It was a spur of the moment thing. No, I lie. It was not a spur of the moment thing – more like a peer pressure kind of thing. My mum got a haircut and so I wanted one. I don’t think I’ve ever outgrown this ‘If you have one, I want one too!’

To be fair though, I’ve been wanting a haircut since before I left the UK and as most people know, I usually take a couple of months or years to decide on anything that requires spending. As a professional tightwad, I finally bought make up brushes about 4 years after deciding I want some. So you know…

This is the resulting haircut. The hairstylist said that it was the most popular cut right now, as inspired my Korean dramas. A full mid-length haircut

I think I look like a particular archetype that you find in K-dramas. You know, the pretty rival to the wide-eyed innocent, the evil bitch who wants our heroine’s love interest, who doesn’t hesitate to scream at the lovely, ‘That man is MINE!’

Which is fine by me. Who wants to be the abused wide-eyed heroine who almost always eventually gets the most good looking, arrogant man who happens to be really sweet deep down inside and who also happens to be the son and sole heir to a rich industrialist?



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