New Year’s Resolutions – I have ’em

As the New Year rolls around, the number of resolutions that you feverishly made the year before slowly drift away into nothingness, drifting into a no-space where they float around aimlessly before miraculously be pulled back to life sometime around 2012.

At least that is the case for me every year. Despite looking forward to 2011 with great optimism, if one can ignore the dead birds falling from the sky and dead fishes washing up at shore, I do realize that my resolutions this year are merely recycled from 2010 and *gasp horrors* 2009. Yes, I’ve reached that age that either I can’t be bothered to think up of a new resolution, or that since I haven’t achieved any of my resolutions from before, I just recycle it.

My 10 year old self would be so ashamed. Back then I prided on having a NEW resolution every year despite forgetting what the resolutions were by March. But I’m guessing, as a proper Asian child, I probably resolved to get all As in school or something.

This year, however, as the new optimistic person that I am, and wearing one of the many hats I wear in my life, I have decided to approach it as a consultant. Instead of having resolutions, I have mission statements and I will have strategic approaches on achieving said missions. On a monthly basis, I will have special meetings with myself to see if I met each activity timeline.  I shall give myself a nice bonus at the year if I meet all my key performance index.

Ah yes, I’m very much prepared this year.

So, all two of you reading my blog, what are they?

At the top of the list, it is finish my *insert many expletives* novel by June. I’ve actually finished it in 2009 and procrastinated in 2010 by getting married, setting up home instead of completing the re-writes. This year’s resolution is to actually get it done and then sending it off to literary agents. Unfortunately, there might be more whiny blog posts as a result.

Second on my list is to lose weight and be fitter. I’ve progressively lost weight since 2008 and am much slimmer since my time in the Corporate world. But after the bouts of illness last year, I really do feel it’s time to get my weight down to a healthy level once and for all. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to weight loss, from binge dieting and resenting a stranger’s opinion on your weight (like seriously, I don’t comment how ugly you are, must you comment on my weight?) to finally deciding, am approaching thirty, I need to be healthy. A healthy weight means a healthy Adlina and that means no more rushing over to ER, to Doctors over and over again. Which reminds me, I need to schedule an appointment for a flu jab.

Third on my list, is to read more. I don’t have much time to read since I am very, very busy. But after last year’s mad dash around the Big Bad Wolf sale, I realized I missed reading terribly – and now that Eizwan has been reading like a fiend, going through most of MY books from MY bookshelves (I’m winning by the way) – I can’t lose out to him. I must read more. I don’t have a number in mind right now but it’s somewhere around the region of greater than zero.

And finally, to focus on being on entrepreneur. I’m not quite ready to openly discuss it here – but I really want to focus on the skills, the advice that I’ve given out to countless of clients and use it on myself for once. So watch this space!

Happy New Year everyone! And may your resolutions come through this year!


2 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions – I have ’em

  1. Rae says:

    You know who to go to for book recommendations! 😀

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