Stabbed in the foot

As I sat down to breakfast this morning, I did what I usually do. Bleary eyed, I slump on my chair, cross my legs and to eat whatever breakfast we could muster (breakfast is usually what Eizwan and I are awake enough to prepare). Except today, was a bit of a break from the usual routine. As I slumped on my seat, and crossed my legs, my right foot knocked the chair next to mine and a huge splinter stabbed the sole of my foot.

Ever the calm one, I started shrieking badly and I was bleeding everywhere. You would think that furniture are designed not to injure people. But no, huge splinter, blood everywhere. In between hysterics and the pain, I remember thinking that if it’s that painful to have a splinter in your foot, I really don’t want to imagine what it’s like being stabbed.

Thankfully Eizwan was there and he held my foot tight and without any warning, yanked the splinter out. I screeched – and was mildly impressed that I can hit such a high note. And being the Asian that I am, we opted to disinfect the wound with an ointment made of sea cucumbers.

I thought the event with the splinter was an omen of the kind of day to be expected. As it turns out, I was very, very wrong. The foot bothered me a little through out the day, the cut was very deep and so walking was a little tough – but I was able to ignore it. The day turned out very well. The project that I was working on – it was coming together very nicely. I am terribly excited about this project – a lot of my ideas, stories and writing will be presented in France and I do hope that in some way possible, my writing would influence a distributor to purchase at least one of the products (TV shows) from my client.

It had been a very difficult week, I’ve been working constantly and non-stop, and I was a little concerned that the massive splinter was going to be an omen whereby things would continue to go wrong. But instead, things were going very well today, to the point that, at the end of the evening, I felt this burning ambition that one day, a can do attitude. Like, “Yes, we can! Yes, I can! I will get to write something that will be produced and distributed internationally.”

The point of the splinter story? Aside from sharing that I am actually a total wimp when it comes to pain, I need to remind myself not to connect events together. I tend to connect bad things together, like spilling sugar to a shitty job as a sign of what the future holds. It’s a superstition that does not help and I need to remember, events CAN be mutually exclusive.

It was food for thought. For me anyway.

The day ended with Eizwan and I baking an apple cobbler. I’m feeling good about myself, despite the exhaustion and even better when I cook and bake. Cooking is therapeutic after a difficult week and since Eizwan and I always cook together, it was a time where both of us could do things together and catch up. It was nice talking to the husband as we sat down together at the dining table to peel and chop apples.

Although this time round, was a little bit more careful with the chair next to me.


One comment on “Stabbed in the foot

  1. Y K says:

    I just realised how much I miss reading your writing… brings a smile to my face, reading your blog. Still requesting for more Tanjong Ole stories, if you have time. 😉

    BTW, it’s my last week in Medical and I’m going to Orthopaedics… chillax 4 months, hehe. We shall catch up more often then! (it’ll most prolly revolve around YOUR schedule this time. 😉 )

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