Plane Taking Off

Was at my in-laws place earlier today when I could hear an aeroplane take off. My in-laws live nearby the airport and occassionaly we can hear the aeroplanes take off and land, but most of the time it’s too far to actually hear anything.

For some reason today, I could hear quite clearly the sounds of the engine revving up, right before the aeroplane moves down the runaway. I recognize each sound, the slow hum of the engine right before the plane tears down the runaway, the loud roar of the engine and that high-pitched whine of the engine when the wheels finally lift off from the tarmac, and the roar begins to fade away as the plane moves higher and higher towards the heavens.

If you have to ask me, what is the most comforting sound in the world to me – my answer would be the sound of a plane taking off. Almost immediately I’m taken back to my childhood. It reminds me of my dad, it reminds me of the times we used to go on holiday together as a family. We flew very frequently, one of the perks of growing up with a dad working in the airline industry. The not-so-great perk was that as a result of his job, he traveled so much and was rarely home. When I hear the engine of a plane – it would remind me of my dad, remind me of the times we did get to follow him when he worked. When I hear the revving of a plane engine, I feel safe and secure, as though my dad is with me.

It’s something safe and comforting to think about – now that I’ve moved out of my parent’s place, and though I live, literally seven minutes away, I miss my parents. And you never know the future, where it might takes us. I might be seven minutes away, perhaps in a few years time Eizwan and I may have to live seven hours away from my parents. And God forbid, should anything happen to my father…it’s comforting to know that an industrial sound as painful and irritating to most is something that makes me feel loved and secure.


One comment on “Plane Taking Off

  1. kelvinc says:

    i can so relate…

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