Ramadhan…and a bit of Sherlock

Ramadhan kareem everyone!

Granted this post is severely delayed, but I still thought it’d be nice to wish everyone a happy Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is one of those things, that despite your parents’ promises that it’ll get easier as time passes on, I find it gets harder for me. I suspect that it correlates with my asthma: since my asthma, unfortunately, has started to take a turn for the worse over the years, it just makes the fasting harder. Fasting stresses the body out, and when I’m stressed, my lungs get all wonky.

So the first week was a bit of a lost, battling insomnia as well as adjusting to fasting on my own well, with a roommate. Both our parents are sniggering, especially when we complain how overwhelming the sahur is. Of course I’ve had nearly 26 years of being spoilt, a hot meal in the morning as I crawl out of bed and then dozing off right after with no worries on who needs to clean up.

These days, it’s me and Eizwan who cook and clean up together – if we get a little lazy, we have two cats with very strange appetites who will attempt to eat up whatever we might have left behind. Hoho, if you think we are being careless – we certainly don’t expect cats to eat boiled salted eggs left on the countertop. But since they do, well, one just has to be a motherfucking adult.


In between the asthma and then being an adult, I found that the time to actually go back to my, ahem, telly and books. More so, I’ve fallen behind when it comes to the stuff I would watch and as I poked through my mum’s bookcases, reading. Certainly, the last thing that I have watched is The Great Game, the final episode of Sherlock.

Thankfully, it was a brilliant episode. I spent a lot of time gurgling about the episode to Eizwan and my brother. Eizwan rather liked it but Jan didn’t. I asked him a few times, he said it was alright but nowhere as smart as the first episode.

It made me think about what works for people, especially when it comes to stories. In the Great Game, what worked for me was the relationship between Sherlock and Watson, and John’s almost desperate belief that Sherlock is doing this because he is good person as opposed to it being a game.

I ought to re-watch it before I comment, but I couldn’t resist. I love the way Mark Gatiss wrote the episode. My favourite Gatiss Doctor Who episode was disliked by everyone in the family (The Lazarus Effect) and I’ve always loved how the characters in his story always question their purpose and the reason why they do the things they do – and often times, he suggests that their purpose is never as good as we purport them to be. This particular series has a Holmes that is cold and detached, and I quite like the suggestion that Holmes does good because he is bored, not necessarily because he wants to do good.

The past few years since I graduated and post working at the Evil Corporation, I’ve been attracted to stories like these – and interestingly enough, 6 years on, I’m still not bored by it. Am still looking for stories on morally grey areas, with the antagonist struggling to figure out what is the right thing to do.  I know why I crave these stories – a part of me still feels that I’m alone when trying to figure out on what is the right thing to do. That it would be easier to just do what everyone else does, without worrying over the moral consequence, or just ignoring the moral consequence. Sometimes I think I put too much of a moral value on certain things – it would just be easier to be bored and just do things without agonizing if it’s moral or right. Or perhaps I’m placing too much importance in what I do, I am but a cog in the massive machine we call a corporation.

Heh. As my sister puts it, whatevs. I’m just being emo. Blame it on the lack of food. Which means this weekend is the time to cook! And overeat! Since I haven’t yet been doing that this year. *sniff* So Ramadan kareem everyone!


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