On Being Rational…

So, the house is coming together slowly. Very, very, very slowly. So slowly sometimes that I can see my mother twitching at the corners of her eyes dying to get her paws on putting my house together. I have a feeling that my MIL has avoided saying anything lest she bring in an entire troop to put the house together.

The house is not in a bad condition – it’s just still bare and some of our stuff are still in boxes. I’ve thought long and hard about the entire thing. I could rush the entire process, be a superwoman and then delay doing up the house when I fall terribly sick about halfway through the process. Or I could meticulously plan (I love planning! More than actually putting stuff into action, but planning is so much fun) the entire thing and do the finances (I love finance too! But I don’t like the spending) and then, meticulously plan the Action Plan on when I ought to do things.

Or I could be wholly impractical and do things that I enjoy first.

So which do you think Eizwan and I did?

After meticulously planning, we decided framing the paintings should be last. As much as we loved the paintings that we bought in Bali, framing the pictures would be expensive. There are far more important things that we need to do, you know? Like we need a stove for goodness sakes. We’re wearing out the multi-cooker as we speak. We ought to finish up the kitchen. And buy a dining table. We’re eating off Eizwan’s mum’s table, of which, each time we see her, she tells us a tale of woe of how much more difficult it is to bake now that we are using the bar stools that she uses to sit on when she cooks.

And then of course, my grandmother is throwing a party (sort-of) at our place on the 25th, and so it’s imperative we get the house in order, to make it look less like a student dig. The game plan: More carpets and coffee tables, less PS3 boxes with tablecloths on top of them. More adult home, less teens who watch Avatar: The Last Airbender at night after work.

Of course, with the 25th looming upon us, a bit like Firelord Ozai (ahem) looking upon Sozen’s Comet to demolish the Earth Kingdom, we have much to do. So that’s why it makes sense that we splurged again to frame our paintings.

Logic does not work with us. It does not work with cats either that meow whinily at 3am and 4am but that’s another story for another day.

On Saturday, Eizwan and I went to SS14 Subang Jaya, Klasik Gallery to get our paintings framed. I had originally, been silly enough to think that I bought these paintings for an investment. The lady at the shop was very sweet, but she totally had us pwned. She sweetly (like really, she was not condescending at all) explained the crazy process and the steps to buying paintings as an investment.

I did leave the shop feeling rather silly and somewhat embarrassed that I thought that I could easily jump into this posh hobby without much thought. Still, though, my advice to anyone is go with what you like. Despite what the lady said, I am convinced that my painting is worth something – now all that’s left is the very difficult task of getting a certificate to prove its authenticity.

But if anything, I have a painting that I very much like.

The rest of Saturday was doing very adult, domestic items. We opened a joint account, bought ourselves a dining table. My grandmother was getting very edgy at the thought of her friends at the doa selamat eating on the floor, and so I called her to tell her that all is good. At least SIX of her friends would be able to sit somewhere – the rest would have to sit on the floor.

After putting the house together, it was just still not quite yet a home. The kitchen feels like a home, we know exactly where each things go – and our morning routines are fast and efficient. But there’s something unbearably empty about our living room. So I ran upstairs, to our so-called studio i.e. our home office, picked up my two giant posters that I had framed years ago and put them up on the hooks the previous tenant left.

When Eizwan saw them, he was aghast – but not aghast enough to take this photo.

And the very bare dining room table, to which my renovation-mad in-laws approved.

So what makes a home? I thought it’s the dining room set, but I ain’t sure. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.


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