One Month Already?

A random crazy thought suddenly occurred to me. Like OMG! I am a married woman, I’ve been married for almost the past one month!

So what has changed? A lot has changed to be honest and at the same time, a lot has not changed. The past one month had been ridiculously hectic, despite being married (the akad), I had my reception to go through with and then I had my husband’s (an oddly familiar and yet unfamiliar word) side of the reception to go through with. In between, we moved out of our parent’s place and was in the crazy process of setting up our new home. So, yes, in between receptions, Eizwan and I are were battling cockroaches and lizards (thankfully, no rats), entertaining our friends from overeas, before rushing off to our honeymoon in Bali…where it was not at all relaxing. That is so my fault actually, since there were just so many wonderful things to do in Bali and I wanted to get everything in. So we had a massage, we saw a dance, we did watersports, saw another wedding (! – would it be too much to say that I teared up at the wedding, having gone through my own? Yes, I’m being annoying, so I’ll stop now), sightsee from the north of Bali down to the south of Bali and was recommended to make my way to a Japanese prison because apparently the food is very good (!!)

And then, from the moment we arrived, we spring-cleaned the kitchen, stripping it down to the barebones, sanitizing it, murdering a few more cockroaches (possibly poisoning ourselves with DDT as we sprayed the kitchen down – smelt of Fumakilla for the next few weeks), setting up the living room so we have somewhere to chill when we get back from work. Somewhere in between all that, my lovely Toshiba crashed, its poor little hard-drive making a clicking noise. I mourned for about a week, before dragging the poor husband and the excited brother all over Sunway’s IT centre to look for a new pc because work came crashing all at once. So I was trekking from my place, writing on various PCs in the house before finally deciding to invest in a Mac.

Yes, of course, I mean, sure you’ve just spent loads on a wedding, why not a little bit more eh? As I said to a friend of mine, it’s a hantaran present to me, from me.

Somewhere along the line, shock horrors, I fell sick of course. My asthma acted up, was prescribed new medication for my asthma that makes me feel like a brand new person, I twisted my shoulder, my period went all wonky. I think that’s the result of trying to prolong the bleed-free days.

Hmmm….Maya’s right – I need to learn to relax, perhaps be strapped down to a deck chair by the poolside with a good novel hovering over my head.

But I don’t think I can repeat this month nor do I want to. It has been a crazily lovely month, sometimes I feel like I’m getting to know Eizwan all over again, like I’m seeing this person in a different light. Some days it’s just same old, same old, with us curled up on the sofa, coffee on our make-shift coffee table (currently the PS3) box made from our espresso machine, a wedding gift and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I’m not very good at putting up recaps, but I do feel like I should. I still tear up thinking about the wedding events, thinking about my friends and family who put in the crazy amount of effort to put the wedding together. I don’t think it was the type of wedding that would make it to magazines at all, but there were smiles, there was laughter and it was happy. I still tremble in awe and am humbled by the kindness my friends and family had put in for the wedding.

Was it the all perfect wedding? Certainly not. Some err…unexpected things happened that nearly broke me. I’m a seasoned event persons – done a gazillion events before, and my life can be very chaotic, and yet, when it came to the crunch – I was about to break down and cry. At one point, I yelled at Eizwan just one day after we got married; I was so tired and angry with how some things are going – but looking back, things just work out. It’s the cliche espoused by my photographer but it does. Every wedding is beautiful in their own way and there were so many details that made it very special to me.

My mum pointed out that I got what I wanted – a wedding filled with love, life and laughter. If I don’t write this somewhere – I’d probably forget it all so wish me luck recapping. But of course, as much fun as it is reminisce, it’s time to remember that life goes on and one has to keep looking forward.



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