8 days – To tired to write a proper post

I am utterly, utterly exhausted. My insides feel like over-cooked spaghetti, all soft and mushy and tangled up. I still have a million and one things to do, my writing job is nowhere near complete and my head is spinning, my nose is stuffed.

Surprisingly of course, 8 days away, I do feel rather calm. I mean, usually things like the magic undies fitting better than expected would upset me – and it should, I paid RM 169 from La Senza, you would think it’d suck it in better but it didn’t, Hani reckoned it’s because I’ve lost weight – but I’m not. I’m generally okay.

I’m okay about a lot of things right now, from the chaos of moving to my new place on May 31st to trying to cope up with writing an MC speech, a speech for my dad and writing screenplays at the same time. Heck, even the possibility of writing scripts during my honeymoon doesn’t faze me right now.

I am zen.

The only thing I do regret coming up to my wedding is that I can’t spend enough time with all the wonderful people who are coming over to Malaysia with me. If I had my way and all the money in the world, I’d just take off and spend time with all of you (husband, what husband? Hehehe)

But anyway.8 days to go. So far, I’ve bought everything on my list, save for the final gift on Eizwan’s hantaran, which can only be delivered the day before. Worried? Just a wee bit, everything should be okay. I can feel it in my gut that things are going to be okay.

Watch me panic in 8 days time.


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