14 days – Happy

Would it be bragging if I said I was happy? Because I am right now.

It’s been an absolutely crazy, manic past few weeks. My grandfather had been ill, quite ill, to the point that my mum has been making our way down to care for him in between planning for a wedding every day.

Not everything about the wedding is going to plan – our guest list is greater than expected, we’re nowhere near ready when it comes to things like favours, doing up the room, etc

But it’s the small things that are making me feel so happy. It’s knowing my sister is coming home, my best friend in the whole wide world making the journey down, my friends changing their plans to be there for me, my family coming together, cheerfully helping out – my brother, my brother (!!) cheerfully offering to scrub the toilet to help prepare for the wedding, my grandfather cheerfully assembling the favours in front of the telly and spending a very nice evening out with my future in-laws, realizing how comfortable I am with them. It’s my aunt being so bridezilla like, making demands every hour.

I don’t have everything in place, I don’t have everything I want and I’m not even well. I’m nursing a bad sore throat, a slight fever and a stuffy head just 14 days before the wedding. My themes are sort out of the window with everyone having a say on what the wedding should look like.

Instead of being unhappy, with all the hustle and bustle, I feel like I’m bragging when I say I’m really, really happy. Nothing is as I’ve imagined and yet, it’s better in its own way.

I am blessed. I am happy.


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