Song selection, the heady task.

So….my brother and I spent the entire evening going through playlist after playlist selecting songs for my wedding. Wedding songs are tricky. There is a temptation to put every sappy song that you and your partner fell in love to, each song where you stared into each other eyes lovingly but do not forget, the guests are there to eat and not to throw up, nauseated by too much lovey dovey ness.

For one, I’m on the fence with song selection. I’m particular – yes, to an extent. I have certain songs that I like, certain genres I do enjoy. But it can’t be too indie – lets face it, this is a wedding, it’s not supposed to be a masterclass of your awesome taste in music. Besides, one man’s awesome is another man’s sucky.

As the evening wore on, we got very tired, and our definition of good became very subjective and questionable. I’ve always wanted the Prince of Denmark’s march for my wedding, but my brother pointed out it was written for a Prince, for his wedding. I reckon I’d just look a bit silly trying to live up to something so epic. I’m not getting married in a grand cathedral, I’m not marrying a prince (oh, but baby, you’re the prince of my heart) nor will I have an epic wedding gown with an epic wedding train.

By midnight, we’ve only selected 30 songs. It could be me being picky. I don’t need my selection to be uniquely me – but I don’t want it to come of as pretentious and cliched. Then again, isn’t selecting your songs so carefully a sign of trying to hard? So should it be any random romantic love songs? Should it have a theme? Like all Sinatra and Dean Martin for dinner? With a decent mix of Asian music for the after dinner?

Or really, should we just put it Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Vanessa Mae version for the cake cutting ceremony? You know, creeping walking towards the cake (0:20 onwards) the slow lifting of the cake knife (1:01), as you pull back before (1:03)….stabbing the cake (1:07) before you start mincing the cake with your cake knife/sword (1:16).

You know what this means right? It means I need to sleep.


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