The Sappy Wedding Entry

So, I attended a wedding yesterday, one of the two weddings that I will attend before my own (!!) and had a lot of fun. The number of weddings I’ve attended over the years have dwindled somewhat – most of my friends are now married with kids and their life is all about chasing little versions of themselves – so I’m trying to do the mature thing and enjoy the remaining weddings that I’ve left.

I’m a little surprised at myself for feeling a little sad that the number of weddings I would attend would dwindle. I used to spend a lot of time being sarky at weddings, after all I was (and probably still am) a wannabe emo-novelist but I found that as I approach my own wedding date, I embarrass myself by being a lot more emotional these days at weddings. Yes, so I teared up at Edwin McCain’s “I Couldn’t Ask for More” as I held Eizwan’s hand. And everyone at the table probably felt a tad nauseated by our public display of affection – but hey, just give me this once. I’ll be back to normal at end June.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a perfect wedding. Everyone has a different idea on what makes a dream wedding, be it the dress by a particular designer, the most expensive decor, the food etc. Yesterday, was certainly one of the best weddings I’ve attended by far. Not that this entry is to review the wedding, I think it’s silly to review weddings – it’s not an event that requires assessments me think, there shouldn’t be a report card to a wedding but I could not help think that there are some weddings that are more special than others.

Stephanie and Adrian’s wedding certainly came across that way for me. From the silly MC speeches, to the jokey and meaningful speech by the bride’s father and the especially touching speech by the bride and groom themselves, I found myself frequently tearing up. If I look back to the myriads of weddings I’ve attended, I rarely remember the details like the favours, the cards, the flowers. Well, that’s not true. I remember almost every detail of everyone’s wedding – but that’s because I’m an odd duck with an almost photographic memory, so it’s not quite intentional.


What I mean to say is that, it’s true, every wedding has something special about it. Every wedding has a beautiful detail, a little something special about it that I’ll probably never forget. But my fondest memories are never reserved for the most beautiful weddings, the most extravagant or the most detailed. It tends to be reserved for the couple with the most sincere and relaxed atmosphere. Yesterday, at the risk of sounding hokey, you could feel the love and warmth radiating from the family and couple, and from the well-wishers in the room. There were so many smiles, so much feeling that you don’t notice the details like the flowers, the dress, the absentminded waiters – the details that Martha Stewart say should count. Because honestly, they don’t.

I think, at the end of the day, that is my fondest wish for my own wedding. That people come with much love and happiness. It’s sappy, but nothing beats your friends and family being with you, and sharing in the joy for your wedding and wishing you the best, sincerely from the heart.

Man do I sound hokey. Mid-June, people. Mid-June. It’ll be back to bitching about everything else.

But congratulations Stephanie and Adrian! May you be blessed with happiness, joy and lots of love for the rest of your lives together.


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