Day 18 – Haven’t been writing

Has it been nearly two weeks since I last blogged? Did Britain really get a Tory for Prime Minister-ship, backed by none other, a left-wing party, the idealist Liberal Democrats? Was I that upset by the death of a stray that I could not help but self-impose a mourning period away from the internet?

Two out of three questions above can be answered with the affirmative. I’m sad to say that the second question can also be answered with the affirmative. Not that it should matter to me in Malaysia – but oh, the day Clegg said yes to Cameron, my disappointment was palpable. It was made up slightly by slash RPF featuring Clegg/Cameron but idealism! Out the window. Gutted.

But the truth is, the past two weeks have been utterly manic and that was the reason why I’ve not stopped to write. I foresee that it’ll only get worse the next few weeks. It’s crazy – I can understand why couples want to elope towards the end of the whole journey. Malays and their psychotic adat (tradition). Despite chopping down the ones that shouldn’t matter much to my grandmother (I found that tradition matters very little to me), there are still so many things to do.

And to further contradict myself, I would actually go all out to say that the stress is actually disappearing. I would not say that I’m on top of everything, I have a ton of wedding work, and non-wedding work to attend to. Perhaps it’s a way of me saying “Hahahah, world! I give up! Hahahaha.”

Or that things are going relatively well. Wedding work is going well and so is the non-wedding work.  But I am itching to go back to writing my novel. It’s been ages since I’ve touched it; I have an optimistic timetable in front of me whereby I sat aside time for me to write whilst I planned the wedding.  Ha ha ha. Funny girl.

But it’s almost the end of the entire journey. Which leaves me with bitt. I plan to write an entry a day, all the way up to my wedding day to sort of commemorate the journey. Why? Because I would not be Adlina without the addition of unnecessary stress in my life.  So…*ala the Doctor, reaching his hand out to a new companion*  “Come with me” 🙂


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