What? I’m an ajumma?

Every morning, after coffee, I find that I have to put on my glasses to work. I wonder if it’s the result of too much coffee in the morning. Or rather, too much coffee in my mug that I’m shaking and trembling like *insert mild earthquake that causes no deaths, just minor injuries because I don’t have the heart to create a simile that causes destruction*

Although, I totally need coffee this morning. Towards the end of my sleep, my dreams started to veer into the very weird. I dreamt that my future mother-in-law or henceforth known as FMIL asked me to come over to her place. Eizwan was not around. She said, since I was not doing anything, I might as well help her with her business – selling stone rice bowls (bibimbap) in Putrajaya. My task was to clean the kitchen and cook while she nagged me like a banshee as I sobbed and bemoaned my fate.

I woke up and felt like a total ajumma (Korean for housewife). It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps, I’ve been watching too many Korean soaps. I only watch one soap and on TV show these days, don’t watch too much TV in general….but think this one is having an effect on me.


On other news, Eizwan and I have finally booked our hotels to our honeymoon. This is utterly awesome sauce – it’s one less issue to think about. I’m looking forward to the trip because despite my original intention (read: moaning to Eizwan endlessly) to have an adventure trip, I would be too exhausted at the end of this long marathon than do anything but read by the poolside.

So where am I going? To Bali! Rather unfashionable, I noticed amongst bloggers but I am pleased, very pleased.

I’ve posted my invitation cards, so message me if you’ve not received yours and the RSVPs are trickling in, which is quite exciting. I’ve yet to go to the doctors and some of the naysayers my friends are warning me that the last thing I want on my nikah would be to grab my inhaler in spectacular fashion just as the imam pronounces me married. “What!? Married?” Puff. Bah, I know they’re speaking the truth, I’m just too lazy to queue at the clinic that I usually go to.

I know, I know. Lungs or Patience. Why am I not bestowed with both?

And now, we’re both looking for houses. I have two lined up to look at this week but I foresee that this will be an effort all the way up to the eleventh hour – am trying not to stress out too much about it. Like David said, these are all details. Bigger picture matters more.

Hmm…43 days to go.


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