60 days – Happy, chubby and efficient bunny

So yesterday….well, yesterday. I am surprised I do not feel like I’ve been hit by a bus like I usually do considering yesterday…but well, let’s get on with what actually happened yesterday.

So yesterday started with a very grumpy Adlina counting calories. Although I said earlier and many times that I would not diet, as it turns out, it IS necessary for me to diet. Although I’m not so sure which is worse – the diet or my eating of my words, I think the latter affected me most. So yesterday was about the third day of my diet, and as diet goes – despite it being healthy and nutritious, it does not stop one from being hungry!

I had an epic day planned – it ranged from getting Eizwan’s car serviced, putting a deposit down with the photographer, picking our wedding rings and shopping for another piece of jewellery for my hantaran, getting Eizwan’s suit altered for the reception evening. Eizwan suggested we could try and exercise because I was feeling particularly low about my weight. All that in one weekend. The question is – is it possible?

Cut for those who might not want to read insane wedding ramblings.


I have to admit, I’m not a weight person – the weighing scale terrifies me. It makes me heave, break out in cold sweat – all things that weighing scales generally do. But it all started when I was at the Doctor’s over the weekend to get –

The HPV Jab

Or better known as the cervical cancer jab. I told myself some time last year right before I marry, I’m going to make the effort of going to a gynea. And so, this is one of the items of my long-ass checklist that I could tick off. Going to a gynea to get my cervical cancer jab.

I strongly encourage all young women getting married, or the ones under 30 to take the vaccine. Sure it hurts like a bitch and it’s expensive (RM 600 for 3 jabs at a private clinic), it protects you from a cancer that is essentially preventable. Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for women in Malaysia. Please do not take the risk b pretending everything is okay. Protect yourself from the HPV.

Anyway, at the clinic, they had to take my weight which of course, the snarky nurse barked out my weight aloud. It depressed me the entire day, and coupled with the ridiculously sore arm from my jab – did not help my mood at all. It made me wonder if it was related to the BCP, which I’m sure it was not – it was just me overeating.


A quick aside on the issue of birth control pills – skip this part if you’re not interested.

I had been debating about whether to blog about this, despite actually having a blog, I am a very private person. And something like the bcp is certainly something very personal. But I’ve also noticed that my blog stats have gone up from all 3 readers to something a little more since I started blogging about wedding. And I thought that it is certainly something that I want younger women to think of as an acceptable choice.

Eizwan and I have discussed about it and agreed that we do not want children immediately. So recently, I opted to go on the pill, specifically the combination pill, Yasmin. What should technically be a very easy decision, never is. Funny how everyone has an opinion on how your uterus should function despite it being your uterus. So I’ve been warned about how I should not wait to have children, how it’ll effect my future fertility, how children are a gift from God and I’m being ungrateful etc.

But at the end of the day, it’s my uterus and your opinion. The fact remains, I’m not ready and neither is Eizwan. I don’t think you can ever be completely ready for children, but I do believe in my hearts of hearts (although I only have one), we will just know when the time is right – and hopefully be prepared enough for it. Let me ease into my married life with my new husband, which I know will not be perfect and easy. Adding a child into the mix will just be insane.

The pill will not affect your future fertility. It is safe, it is easy to use. Talk to your doctor for more information. As for me, no noticeable weight gain, I’m a little bit more emotional but then again, I’m always emotional.

End school lesson.

So um..back to weight issue

So with my weight being barked aloud – I suppose I ought to do something about it. I’ve been very happy about my weight loss – perhaps been celebrating it the weight loss a bit too much. There is a danger that my wedding dresses will now be too lose, but I suppose, one has to have faith.

I announced to Eizwan I was going on the dread D word. He thinks it’s not a problem. Well, little did he know.

Suit Alteration

“You know what he has to do now?”


“Basically, he has to consume 3000 calories to gain weight”

“Man, that would be a dream come true for me if someone could say to me, Jan. You need to overeat to gain a kilo a week”

So back to Saturday. It is Saturday afternoon and we are rushing to OU to Sparkmanshop to get Eizwan’s suit altered. This is after I’ve done my grocery runs with my mum and picking Eizwan up from the service centre. At around 1pm, I am very hungry, grumpy and tired from this dieting nonsense and I just want this over and done with so I could eat some lettuce or something as miserable.

Eizwan puts on the suit that I bought for him in London last year (it’s both a wedding gift and to be used for the reception) and…you know how they say to expect the unexpected when you’re preparing for a wedding? Well, here’s my first one. The suit. It’s too big.

I’m like what?! I saw it with my own eyes last year, Eizwan looked effin’ awesome in it! Now, it’s TOO DARN BIG.

The Chinese tailor who was working on another suit gasped in horror. He came over and started to pinch the suit (oh, how I wished he would pinch Eizwan as well. And me, to wake up from this horrible dream) He barked intermittently in Cantonese, English and Malay and complained about how on earth did we purchase for Eizwan, a suit that was TWO SIZES TOO BIG.

Beats me because it was PERFECT last year.

Okay, so picture this, so here I am, struggling to lose weight (I’m being miserable) and Eizwan skips a few meals and he shrinks. Two months before the wedding. Two sizes too big. Eizwan isn’t a big guy particularly and he shrank! The bridezilla in me was thinking this is only going to make me look like a hippo on our wedding day.

The tailor refused to alter it because it would mean cutting up a whole new suit, and I refused to let the suit be altered because what was the point of buying a suit in London if someone in Malaysia would have to chop it up entirely?

I was quite, quite upset and spent the entire walk to Nandos berating poor Eizwan. Eizwan could not quite defend himself either because I think he was shocked on how much weight he lost so quickly. If I’m being honest with myself, I think I was more upset that he lost so much more weight than I could.

Of course everything was better after lunch. Lunch puts everything in perspective especially when you decide, I’m not eating lettuce. The perspective being, I’m going to try and lose weight. Eizwan is going to try and gain weight.

We do have a contingency plan – it’s not the best, but there’s no point to panicking about these thing. What’s done is done – best to look forward. It’s a lovely suit, I dearly wish that Eizwan would be able to wear it for the wedding – if not, we’ll just have to use it on our first wedding aniversary. Sigh.

If you ask me, though, right now, I’m mostly ashamed with the way I reacted. I can blame the hunger but I wish I did not get emotional and testy about it. Shit happens. We move on. Or in the case of Eizwan, we overeat.

Wedding Rings

All is not lost however, we went ahead to pick our rings. Eizwan’s mum was there, to help us out. In possibly the most efficient shopping session, we picked our rings, Eizwan picked another item for my hantaran and we put the deposit down. Whoa, unexpectedly efficient.

I loved our selection, and there’s always a silver lining in every gray cloud (or is it gray lining in every silver cloud) and it was for the price that we got, and for the beautiful stuff that we got. But we could not stay long because we had another appointment to make and that was for –


I dragged my parents to meet the photographer, partly because it’s quite surreal that I’m going to spend so much money on photos without their approval. I wanted their seal of approval, since it’s just madness. But I’ve thought long and hard about it – his photos are the only ones that speak to me and I think, I will be happiest with his work in the long run.

My parents’ eyes lit up at his work, it just gelled with me that I was making the right choice. We put the deposit down, so now, photography is done! I is a happy (but chubby) bunny.

We spent the rest of the evening chillaxing, patting ourselves on the back for getting many things done. So chilled were we that I forgot it was the premiere of Series 5

Doctor Who

Of which I’ll be blogging in detail tomorrow. Matt Smith and Karen Gillen, you are effin’ awesome. I love, love the both of you but right now, especially Karen Gillen. I love your Amy Pond, the chemistry between the Doctor and Amy was very nice, loved the pacing of the episode, loved the setting and loved the story.

I have to admit, at points, I missed David Tennant and wished he was there but Mr. Smith, you are growing on me. I foresee it will take me a much shorter time to warm up to you than I did for Mr. Tennant. I cannot wait for next week! This is going to be a very exciting season ahead of us!


2 comments on “60 days – Happy, chubby and efficient bunny

  1. Yazmin says:

    Eizwan is like his uncle (my dad) in that inexplicable ability to lose weight. If its any comfort, it’ll slow down once he hits 45 or so.

    I’ve heard good things about Yasmin too, had a couple of friends on it.

    • Adlina says:

      Hahah, the poor boy is trying to fatten himself up. It’s one of those unfair things in life, but he’s much better these days than the stick insect he was before.

      Yasmin is pretty good but my pharmacist is recommending me to try Yaz when it comes out in the market. It’s pretty big in the States, so we’ll see if my doctor puts me on that one.

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