New Keyboard…and fetish?

I’ve been suffering for the past few months with my keyboard on my laptop going to the final place in the sky..keyboard-wise. It’s been especially hard on me, since I write quite a bit.

But today, my lovely, very loving, best, best, best fiance bought me a wireless keyboard with a wireless mouse by Logitech. In a matter of plugging in the receiver to my laptop, typing has stopped being a torture. I don’t have to keep bashing a key to get the ‘h’, ‘t’  and g to appear, and my fingers can just go on and on and on without feeling like it’s about to fracture from slamming a key down.

I love you, Eizwan. Other girls get handbags and jewellery. I get a keyboard and a mouse and I’m over the moon. You know what makes this girl happy.


Of course, one can’t just blog and share a story about a keyboard on the blog. My blog gets very odd hits, mostly from “C*oming out of the c*loset” from the play and sometimes Doctor Who stuff. Today, however, I got a hit for an “asthma attack fanfic”

Now, this is something completely new for me. Either there is a show out there called “Asthma Attack” or that there is a whole fetish out there dedicated to asthma attacks. I can just see the summary now.

Title: The Case of Missing Inhaler

Pairing: Doctor/Amy

Summary: Amy and the Doctor is on the planet Uroxa when Amy gets an asthma attack. Can the Doctor find her blue inhaler, the reliever before it’s too late? And what is it with the seretide accuhaler shortage?

Please let there not be a fetish dedicated to asthma attacks. Or actually, if there is one, please  send the fic to me. I’d so want to read it.

Doctor Who in T-2! The Eleventh Hour premieres April 3rd!


One comment on “New Keyboard…and fetish?

  1. Asthmakari says:

    Its sexy. Amy is wheezing and doctor searching for her inhaler. I have this kind of fetish, i am asthmatic also

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