How To Train Your Dragon, Your Bridezilla, Your Photographer, Your Inner Novelist/Academic etc

All kinds of awesome is…”How to Train Your Dragon”. It’s a real shame that it has not been making the waves it deserves. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming and it’s action-packed. The storyline may be a tiny bit cliched and repeated (but there are no new stories – case in point, the tedious Avatar) but I loved the pacing, the humour and the storytelling.

The only sad part about the entire affair is that I spent the entire movie trying to figure out which one was David Tennant. Drove me nuts that I could not figure it out 😦

Oh DT. You won’t be on this Saturday. I’m going to miss you. But yayy for Doctor Who season 5!

I think I’ll be buying the novel by Cressida Cowell after the movie. It seems like mucho fun. Well, I hope it’s half as witty as the movie.


So…I’ve finally picked up two out of the four wedding dresses that I’m going to have. It cracks me up a little that I will have four dresses at the end of this shenanigans events. I’m the last person to have such a princess-y outlook in life and to end up with four dresses, I have to say it is rather ironic.

Eizwan and I did a quick calculation on how much my dresses, all four of them, cost. And I have to say, I am rather pleased, accessories and shoes included is way below my budget. I am only paying for two of them – so it’s all good *smug*

Still though, sometimes I wonder if all this fanfare with the dresses, the expensive photographers – if they’re all worth it. Technically, with the budget that we spend on the wedding, you can get yourself an impressive diamond ring. So…cut down on the party size, up on the ring size my pretties!

Come 4th June, we’ll see if this is all worth it. I’m tired of dreaming of errant photographers, disastrous wedding dresses and the sort. I’d rather be dreaming about dragons.


I’ve come across a few good articles this past two weeks that I’ve been meaning to talk about. “How not to title a novel cracked me up, especially I’m not the best at titling my work (it tends to come off as rather cheesy) or unnecessarily provocative. Like my last play (gosh, was it so long ago?) Coming Out of the C*loset was attacked for being gay-friendly (by conservatives) and not gay enough (by liberals). It was a very bizarre spot to be put in.

I thought, personally, it was a clever title, playing on the plots and themes of the play.

Secondly, an article by the NYT on the economics of happiness: “The Sandra Bullock Trade”. The article questions if you would rather have tremendous professional success over a successful marriage – and discusses the very difficult relationship between income and happiness.

The article reminds me of my uni professor, Andrew Oswald, a professor who I remember having very  shiny shoes and warned men that women would give up their husbands for 60,000 pounds per annum (on the other hand, men would give up their wives at 100,000 pounds per annum). I read this article with a pang of regret, a part of me wishes I had focused on the study of the economics of happiness, because it IS a field that I’m still very much interested in. I’ve been seeing a trend in the news lately (Guardian, NYT) that we need to focus on what makes society happy as opposed to an increase in income and to governments trying to feel their way on what would make us happiest. So stupid to think that investment banking, finance was the way to go. Ah to be young and naive.


Schumacher and Rosberg will be whizzing by KLCC this evening. I’m feeling utterly exhausted – heart palpitations and wheezyness, so I don’t feel like braving the crowds. But I promised my brother I would go. So dilemma, dilemma. Here’s to hoping he would not wake up anytime soon and we’d just have to go next year 😉


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