Moving along and on

Conversation with the fiance.

“Oh God, I’m so stressed out. All this wedding things are stressing me out. You know what would be nice?”


“I’d love to just get married, and then have boom, a house, all-ready. Ready to move in.”

“Yes, I agree. You know, that Disney dream? The happily ever after. It’s a lie. There’s no such thing as a castle ready after the prince and princess gets married.”

“True. Fully-furnished castle.”

“With one aircond”

“And one water-heater”

Clearly, our fairytale castle is woefully under-furnished. And then later as we drove on forwards, Eizwan turns to me, puzzled.

“So wait. In Disney cartoons, when the princess marries the prince right, and they live in the castle…it’s the King’s castle isn’t it? So technically, the princess is moving to her in-laws, isn’t she?”


Eizwan and I spent the entire day not doing wedding things today. I know. Shock. Horrors. What we did was a valiant effort trying to jump-start Eizwan’s dead car batteries.

I was unconvinced that it could be started again, it was time to bid it farewell. But Eizwan was thoroughly convinced that he could. In a scene, right out of a science fiction movie, with the hot sun beating down on our backs, by an abandoned bio-mass factory, Eizwan attached big cables from my bright yellow car to his bright red car in a very empty car park, with not a soul in sight. The only thing missing from this scene were zombies.

I stood at quite a distance away – a part of me thought that it’s best to let the man handle everything, and a part of me thought if it did explode, I’ll be in the safe zone but not too far away to rescue Eizwan.

There were many reasons why, as you can see, I did not study to be an electrical engineer.

Anyway, long-story short, it was not a success. Eizwan gave in to his future wife’s nagging and called the insurance company to rescue us. And then from a scene one of those quirky, indie comedies, an elderly Chinese man on his little scooter with a car battery on his lap came to our rescue. All in all, three hours in the hot sun and a pat on my back is warranted since I stayed cheerful all day.


Eizwan and I sat down later in the evening to list down all the things that we needed to do, every single detail from the mundane (lighter clothes for Bali) to the wedding related (more hantaran shopping) to the mysterious (if it’s mysterious, I’m not going to share it here).

As I listed each item down, I put a deadline to every task list. One of the tasks was to pack up my room, and I was mentally calculating the number of boxes I needed, and imagined an empty room with all my stuff packed in neatly.

Unexpectedly, big fat tears began to roll down. I’ve always looked at this wedding practically, and I don’t want to cry on my wedding day – but as I stared at the Google Docs, it occurred to me that I was really moving out of my parent’s place. It’s not like university, where home is where my parents place is and despite going wherever, home is where my parents are. Home is now going to be where my husband’s place will be and I felt really, really sad.

Sometimes so much happens on this one day, I don’t know if I can manage it all.


None wedding related story. Two songs that I’m currently playing back to back. Thank you Radio 1, for making me love music again.

Fireflies by Owl City

Okay, sort of wedding related since Paolo Nutini has a wedding scene in the video. It made me tear up the end, but I warn thee not to watch, if you are of delicate nature and are easily embarrassed by slightly explicit scenes.


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