Oh yeah. Am totally feelin’ it. The hours I mean.

I feel that I’ve been doing quite a number of all-nighters this past few months. Although it does make me feel chuffed that I’ve been working harder, I can feel myself not as sprightly as I used to be as a wee 21 year old who had just returned to Malaysia after nearly seven years abroad.

Back then, I’d be partying all night till 3am, and be at work by 9am and to continue with the process for weeks on end. Today however, one all-nighter and my eyes which I had been diligently (okay, I lie, not that diligently) trying to pamper return to their racoon-like status.

Meh, I’ve 2 months to the wedding to make myself look pretty. It can be done.

Compulsory HIV test.

Unfortunately for me, despite working till very late last night and waking up very early to finish my work, I could not hand in the work we did as none of the directors were in. Shame. But that meant running off to the bank before meeting up with Eizwan to do the compulsory HIV test.

I could write about the politics of doing a HIV test, on whether it’s necessarily a good thing or a bad thing – but the bureaucracy surrounding the process of getting married is so complicated that I’ve lost sight on whether it’s a breach of my privacy. I just want it over and done with.


I’ve read in a few places online that they might lecture you, the wait is long etc. But no one blogged that the bloody pin prick would actually bloody hurt. I actually said OW! And am currently having problems typing with my middle finger.

And since I had very little sleep, I fell asleep on Eizwan’s shoulder in the hospital while waiting for my HIV results. It was sort of romantic, in a chaotic, sleeping in a government hospital kind of way. Poshness alert here: that was my first time ever, getting something done in a government clinic and it’s certainly not as terrifying as people make it out to be. It’s clean, it’s efficient and no-nonsense. You’re not getting first-class, lovely bedside manners because fuckin’ hell, do you see the crowd there?

I do feel a renewed respect for my Doctorly friends. Everyone in the government clinic were on their toes, and seemed to be working terribly hard, and to go Rodney Dangerfield on everyone, they just get no respect. No respect. So kudos Doctors. You never seem to get the credit you deserve.

Other than that utterly unimportant drama, I’m alright. I’m actually decently balancing work with wedding, even if it means that I may be neglecting my friends in the process. Of course I tell myself I’ll catch up with them over the wedding (oh, this excuse can be used for anything), I’m rather happy being busy.

Got a few things ticked off this week:

Invitation cards

My usual printer that I use for work quoted me something on the high side for the cards. So mum and me headed found a random offset printing company in one of those wedding magazines and we thought to pop over and say hello and see if we could get a decent quotation.

The quotation was decent and bonus, they could make my favour boxes at a price very much cheaper than everyone else had quoted. So that’s one worry off my mind. So here’s a tip, ladies. If you can’t find boxes that you like, get a quotation from an offset printer. Even with the die cast made, it is still cheaper than getting it from a vendor.

Tomorrow, finalizing the artwork and the printers would be off. The invites will be posted first week of April, you know, alongside of me putting in income tax, finalizing the bloody ring and a long list of things that I need to do that I put aside and ignoring so I could watch AI in peace.


I’ve ordered part of my favours from China. The said they shipped it, so I suppose I ought to be patient, but patience and me are generally no mixy. Will source the rest of the ingredients (oops, is this a spoiler?) later.

Other than that, the rest of my life quickly.

I’ve been thinking of a pen name for my *ahem* novel. I haven’t decided on one, but I ought to come up with something soon. I actually have a real decent idea on how to do this – will share it with you if it’s successful. If not, my future children will have more logical names compared to Mohammed Doctor, or Nik Knack Paddywhack.

On AI, I am totally digging Shioban Magnus. Crystal Bowersox strikes me a little cold and aloof, so I’m not won over by her.

I need to email David, Sayaka and Miklos. They’ve emailed me ages ago and I keep forgetting to email back. David, I had completely forgot to tell you about the Get-A-Deal thing on Malaysia Airlines. Sign up for it, the discounts are quite awesome.

Been listening to Radio 1 these days. My ITunes playlist might actually be updated for the first time in a long time.

Will be watching “How to Train a Dragon” because David Tennant is voicing something in there. I’m a DT slut as you all know.


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