73 days – The fitting of the first and fourth

I am so tired of weddings. Really, I am. I’m sure my friends are tired too – I’m sure they’re happy that I’m part of the stragglers getting hitched, so all that is left is baby showers. Which isn’t my cup of tea.

Well, moving along.

There is not a day that goes by, actually, scratch that, not an hour goes by where the wedding is not on my mind. I think a part of me is rather daft for looking for a house at the same time while preparing for the wedding but I’m a rather um, to put it mildly, a very passionate person with very passionate views in life, and the last thing I need is either my parents or my in-laws to hear this passion (get your mind out of the gutters people) in our arguments and conversations that are bound to crop up between the two of us.

But you don’t want to hear that. What you really want to hear is any drama with my wedding planning. And why, according to my lovely friend, SW who herself is going through an awful time, I have this thing called episodal tension headaches.

Fitting of the fourth dress

I wish I could share every delicious detail about each visit to my WP. Most of the time, it ranges to mind-boggling to crude, especially to my…delicate sensitivities to put it mildly. The last time I was there, a friend of my WP was there, a former, ahem, queen who is now retired, more jewellery encrusting his fingers than I have in my jewellery box at home and  a lit cigarette dangling from his lips.

‘How long have you known WP?’ he sneered at me.

‘Oh not very long. Just recently.’

‘I’ve known him for ages, since 72.’

‘Oh! Wow.’

He glances at me the kind of condescension that only a former beauty queen can muster.’

‘I’m *insert very male name*, but you can call me Gee!’ he purred.

‘Oh! Just like my name! We have the same name! I’m called OG!” my aunt exclaimed excitedly.

Anyway, Sunday was my fitting for my fourth and final dress meant for Eizwan’s afternoon reception. When I saw the dress, it surprised me because it was far crustier than I expected it to be. By crusty, I did not realize that the dress had a ton of beading, it was so heavy!

But it was lovely, and after I put it on, I immediately ruled out of having a veil with the dress. It’d be just too much – I’d be so glittery, you could hang me on the ceiling, shine a bit of light on me and I’d be a proper disco ball.

This dress will be paid for by my future MIL – she wanted something with extensive beading. I hope she’ll like it but I have to say it’s not particularly my style – I like things plain and super simple. She reckoned I needed something glittery and glamorous – and I’m not one to argue over a dress. I suppose it’s quite nice to have something rather glamorous that I can keep in my closet and, if I can will the courage to wear it, I do believe it would make me look rather special.

With the fourth dress out of  my biggest concern goes to the first dress i.e my solemnization dress.

The Solemnization Dress

The first time I tried it out, it was not so good. The second fitting which was today, was better but it’s still not brilliant. I’m not allowing myself to be upset as I have a back up plan. It was very hard to pretend that everything is going to be okay, because the tailor is someone my mum is close to, and we had to say, ‘No worries it looks so plain, beading is so yesterday,’ when we took the dress back.

I put the dress back on at home, to look at where it went wrong. I’m not an expert in these matters, I just know if it’s going to work or not and certainly the dress ain’t going to work. It’s a shame because the lace I bought, in similar vein to my reception dress, was vintage inspired and I think it’s gorgeous. And it was pricey .

Despite the back up plans and everything, the state of the dress is putting a bit of a damper on my mood. Which is no good. I have a script due tomorrow, and I really have to get my head around it. It’s hard to be happy and funny when I’m feeling a little down.


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