Happily Violent

My father and all his cousins have a little yahoo group going – it’s really cute, where they send messages to each other about weddings, their kids etc. Although, I have to say, what cracks me up about the yahoogroup is how short each message is. I imagine it’s the result of sixty something year old men, sitting in front of the PC, staring down at the keyboard in their reading glasses, with two fingers working methodically, tap, tap, tap on the keyboard.

I know because that’s how my dad types. Hohohoho.

And since my dad posted the wedding notice, I noticed a spike in my usually dire blog stats on the search terms, Eizwan and Adlina. I think you lot are looking for my wedding site. So here it is: Adlina & Eizwan. I’ll be linking it up proper on the blog soon.

Watched the Edge of Darkness yesterday. I love a good conspiracy thriller as the other (wait, maybe not, I get that conspiracy thrillers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea) and it was an okay movie. I have to confess one of the reasons why I watched it was because it was co-produced by BBC Films and I tend to love everything the BBC makes. The love, I confess is entirely biased, being the anglophile that I am.

It was an alright movie, in terms of emotional content, I thought the Constant Gardener was much sadder and much more emotional and in terms of being tense….well, I reckon that it did not help that I am paranoid (see previous entry). I was so tense throughout the movie because my overactive imagination thought, ‘Argghhh! Don’t get in the car, there might be a bomb!’ and ‘Aaaargghh!! Don’t get out of the car, someone might shoot you!’ or ‘Aaaarrgghhh!! There might be someone in the house!’ that I was rather relieved that *spoiler – avert your virgin eyes* Mel Gibson shot the fuck out of everyone at the end.

Clearly, I made the whole experience worse than it already was. Or perhaps that was the intention of the director? Still, the movie was surprisingly brutal, with blood, gore and violent deaths scenes. The hit and run scene was reminiscent of Life on Mars – shocking, fast and graphic – was it an homage? But Eizwan and I left the movie a lot worse for wear than when we went in. So much for having a relaxing time to forget about the wedding.

I told Eizwan later that the movie was too confusing, the result of trying to squeeze a tv series into a 2 hour movie. And as I said earlier, I thought Constant Gardener was a far superior conspiracy thriller.

‘Have you watched it? You really ought to watch it,’ I said as we walked to the car. ‘Made me cry, I tell you.’

‘I know because I watched it with you!’ Eizwan growled. ‘I was next to you!’

Ooops. And then I started to tell him about this three legged cat that I saw running around by the apartment complex, poor thing.

‘You should see him, he’s so cute!’ I say.

‘I’ve seen him because I was with you! How could you forget that?!’

Hmm. Further proof in the pudding that the wedding is making me scatterbrained.

The search for a house continues. I saw an apartment yesterday and unfortunately, me no likey. Today will have to call the agent to say thank you but no, thank you. I hate conversations like these.


2 comments on “Happily Violent

  1. Tisha says:

    OoO!! I had no idea it was based on a tv series…that’s interesting.

    Hhahah!! Adlina I watched it with my parents and we were screaming and shouting at the telly the exact same things. Like “Noooo!!There’s a bomb in the car!” or “Who on earth meets on a deserted road by the river..someone’s going to crash your car and you’ll be drowning!”

    Yeah the movie was emotionally drainning, tho not as much as the Constant Gardener. I got a lil depressed for 2 or 3 days after that.

    In the end I found EoD a lil’ too all over the place-like they were crunching for time hence execution wise wasn’t done properly.

    • Adlina says:

      I remember reading it online somewhere that EoD was based on a BBC tv series. I’m sure it would have made a whole lot more sense with a 6 hour show as opposed to the 2 hours they were trying to squeeze in!

      Aw man! It’s good to hear that I was not the only one getting a heart attack from the movie, from our own doing! Props to the director though for giving us a roller coaster ride from our own doing.

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