80 days! – Am like the energizer bunny

The past few days has been absolutely manic. I’ve been running around town back and forth for everything that had to do with wedding. As much as it feels like I was hit by a truck, sitting here at my desk on a Monday afternoon, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride that I have completed a lot of my tasks.

So what have I done:

Invitation cards

I’ve already received a quotation for my cards. It’s a little on the high side, which was to be expected since it is completely custom-made with 4 colour-separation and perforation. There are a lot of arguments against getting a pricey card, one of the arguments that peeps have put out is that most guests will throw it away anyway.

But…I don’t have to order a thousand cards and I absolutely adore the design of the card. A few weeks back, I spoke about how my brother, the artiste had a free hand to doing whatever. And he did an impeccable job that I can’t wait to put it up here. So if I have to cut elsewhere, I’ll cut elsewhere because dammit, I want those cards.


So there was a bit of a drama when I went to reconfirm my bookings. The drama being they lost my booking. For a second I had horrible visions of finding a new place to do the solemnization but I’m a drama first, rational thought second sort of person. The reality was, it was a simple matter of re-booking the halls and it’s all sorted and confirmed.

There was also another matter about them cobras slithering about near the venue, but that’s another tale for another day. *Proceeds to pour sulfur by the venue*


My fabulous WP came over on Friday, and if you were around the area, you probably would have heard him from a mile away. He surveyed the area and I could see the little hamster in the wheel in his head running at full-speed. At the same time, I saw the Ringgit in my wallet flying away. Why? The hall I plan on doing the solemnization, unfortunately, is kinda big. The cute little mini-pelamin (or dais) that I wanted would be out of the question, it would be drowned by the size of the wall.

My fabulous WP declared it has to be a grand one. Strike one for simple and elegant.

But if I’m truly honest with myself, I’m not fussed on how it will look like as long as it’s elegant, simple and minimalist. I don’t do heavy drapery, copious amount of flowers (once I insulted a WP by saying his designs reminded me of the jungle with all the greenery spilling out onto the floor). I just want it to be pretty and simple…like me(!) and how they do it, is up to the experts.

This is me, delegating work. Let’s hope I don’t regret this decision.

Dressing Up My Peeps.

Everyone has gotten most of their clothes ready…except me! I still have yet to get my solemnization outfit back from my first tailor and I’m getting testy and nervous about it. The first fitting was bad, and I can’t imagine it improving. I’m even more nervous now when I see everyone else’s outfit and theirs just looks ridiculously awesome.

WP told me not to worry about it, he’ll think of something. ‘All brides worry about these things,’ he said to my mum as I kept babbling about it, under my breath, rocking myself back and forth. ‘It’ll be on their mind even though we say it’s going to be okay.’

‘No!’ I wailed when he said that. ‘You don’t get it. I can’t have everyone looking prettier than me on my wedding day!’

Hmm…is the bridezilla in me finally coming out?

Am Paranoid About Them Forms

Aside from being irrational, dramatic, Eizwan has the misfortune of marrying someone who is paranoid. The paranoia is inherited unfortunately from my father. He is paranoid about everything. Like OMG! HANI WILL MISS THE FLIGHT EVEN THOUGH SHE IS LIKE THREE HOURS EARLY AT THE AIRPORT. I can relate though as I can be paranoid about everything too…if I let my mind wander. Like there was this one time I could not sleep because I was paranoid that aliens might abduct me.

But I digress.

My paranoia is about the forms. Unless I see Eizwan’s permission to marry form right in front of me, like right now, I’m going to moan about it and haunt him. Like when he calls me these days, I greet him with a ‘Have you done the forms yet?’ instead of a hello.

And then I had nightmares of postponing the wedding because he has not done the forms yet.

My fiance has been avoiding me. I wonder why.

Wedding Favours

Well, I’ve done the packaging. Got a quote for it anyway. And now will have to order the rest from China/India etc. Curious yet on what it will be?

Future Home

After much thought, well, not really, we had decided a long time ago we were going to rent first before buying, and that is, if we buy. I’m getting a lot of flak for this decision but I’m holding steadfast to it. A house is expensive and unless we can put in a 30% deposit (at minimum) with the mortgage payments being equal to or less than the rental outside, it is financially risky to buy a house.

Will be checking out prospective houses tomorrow that we could rent. Fingers crossed that something nice will turn up.

Doctor Who

Not wedding related at all but oh gosh, mum is watching season 4 DW and seeing David Tennant on screen is making my heart ache knowing that he won’t be appearing April 2nd. I’m looking forward to Matt Smith, but I’m still missing DT terribly.

80 days and counting!


2 comments on “80 days! – Am like the energizer bunny

  1. dina says:


    i see that you’re making good progress.
    i give myself a migraine at the thought of stuff that i haven’t done!
    well take it easy bride to be!!
    see you soon!! xxx

    • Adlina says:

      Hi Dina,

      Hahaha, I hope it’s good progress! I went through a meltdown earlier when nothing was coming together, but honestly, if it were not for my WP, I think things would have gone nuclear!

      Try to relax as you go forward, I know it’s really, really hard. Especially on things that are not coming together, just give a few days break to yourself and you’ll find a more creative way around the problem.

      Positive vibes to you babe! And keep 5th June free!


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