Aid for Haiti

What is it about disasters that we have a kind of morbid fascination? Each time there is a natural disaster of sorts, I will be glued to the TV or to the news online, feverishly reading updates.

It’s no different with Haiti, although this morning, I wondered why I’m so morbidly fascinated with natural disasters. Do I read it with hopes that things will get better? Are natural disasters a reminder of my own fleeting mortality or how lucky I am, that despite how difficult my life can be, I am alive, I breathe, I walk, I have food on the table and my family is alive and well.

This year, part of my many resolutions is to criticize less, act now and give more.

These sites accept international credit cards for donations – so Malaysians, I’m looking at you, no excuse for us not to help! Please help the Haiti people.

This page from Huffington has plenty of charities you can choose from to donate from. Unicef, International Red Cross society, Islamic Relief accepts donations from international credit cards.


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