Wedding Experiments

So…I have finally decided on the wedding invites. Ish. More like I finally managed to drag my brother (the super creative one – the only one with skills. In times of difficulties/flooding etc, he would be the only one who would be able to write ‘Will draw for food’. On the other hand, mine would read something like ‘Will regale about Economics for food’ – and will be promptly ignored whilst Hani’s one will read something like ‘Will point at brain parts for food.’ Actually zombies might approve) to the table to help me think up of an invite.

I do want something unique and simple, a plain card that is quite popular in the West as opposed to the birthday card concept in Malaysia – but translating that idea across to my brother was going to be difficult.  Jan is an artist with all the classic trappings of an artist. ‘Bah, ca n’est pas interesant! Pas magnifique! I want beauty! I want unique!’ and proceeds to tear into all my ideas.

Well, it did not quite go that way – Jan doesn’t speak French, he speaks Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish – but he did tear into all the ideas I showed him.

‘Urgh. Word templates. People pay for this shit?’

We did come up with an idea that all three of us liked yesterday – my mother being the third person. Her presence was solely to make sure the artist did not go too wild – ‘Please, no pointy breasts when you do your drawings’. The final decision is definitely unique, so it either be made of Awesome Sauce™ or made of Great Fail™.

‘So, this is a carte blanche to do whatever I want?’ says my brother, with a Cheshire Cat-like grin.

Your wedding should not be the time to experiment and clearly, I’ve taken this advice and thrown it out the window. Come June 5th, it will be an eclectic experiment of vintage ideas, modern art and a certain je ne sais quoi thrown in  with a bit of ‘What the hell?’


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