Things worth taking note

There are a few things I’ve learnt today that is worth to note:

1.Use Pad Thai noodles next time.

You cannot replace kuey teow noodles to make Pad Thai. Kuey teow is mushier. But having said that, it actually tasted good.

But Pad Thai is a lot of work and not much fun to prepare. But if you do want to punish yourself because let’s face it, you don’t have a life or a decent Thai restaurant nearby – this and this recipe is pretty good.

2. Seriously too old for this shit

I’m not one to say ‘I’m too old for this shit’ but last night I did an all-nighter to finish a proposal given to me at around 3pm, and I have  to admit. I am too old for this shit. Whilst 5 years ago, I’d sleep at 5am, be up by 8am and continue running full-speed all day.

Today, I was a grumpy bundle of nerves and even flashed the finger to the man who refused to let me into his lane as I was driving (actually since Jan was in the way, he complained I flashed it at his face instead).This despite the copious amount of coffee I drank to help me stay awake.

But it’s okay. Coffee is good.

3. We like ITunes

Thank goodness for Itunes. I’ve been so bored of my music that I’ve been leaching of my brother’s music through the home network. Jan’s taste is far more eclectic than mine – Anime OST to classical music to Kenny Chesney. Like really? We’re the offspring of the same parents?

But it’s been good. Anime is good. I like anime music. It encourages me open OneManga and waste time by reading the Slayers reboot. Yay for Slayers reboot.

4. Stop the Irrational Exuberence already.

I want the stock market to fall. Because I’m a mean, mean nasty person. But you should already know that about me.

*Edit*: I changed my mind. I want it to go up now. Come on you Wall Street Bankers, prove your mettle (and your overpaid salary) that there will be a 100 point increase next year!

5. Cheese, Grommit!

My brother has very expensive taste in cheese. He is trying to egg me to buy parmigiano regianno instead of good old-fashioned Australian parmesan for our dinners.  Despite the fact that a block of parmigiano regianno would eat into about 40% of our weekly grocery budget. I am tempted but that would mean we wouldn’t eat anything at all that week except cheese and spaghetti.

6. Feeling nostalgic.

With my family split up in various continents, sometimes a song reminds me of my family. Like this anime song, it reminds me of the time Hani wouldn’t speak to me because I would put it on repeat for three days straight. Or when I heard Copacabana at the Grocery store. We couldn’t move for a good two minutes because we cracked up remembering Hani’s epic misquote of the lyrics: ‘Her name was Copa. Copacabana.’

Wait. I think I’m only reminded of my sister. Heh.


2 comments on “Things worth taking note

  1. Rae says:

    I can relate to wondering how people with vastly different taste in music can share DNA – I’ve got the eclectic taste in music, my brother seems to be Mr Top 40 and Mum doesn’t even listen to music!

    I want the USD to keep dropping in value. I’m mean 😛

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