Movies I’m looking forward to

After abstaining from movies for a few months now, there are movies that are coming out that I can’t wait for. Eizwan commented that we rarely watch movies at the cinema these days. Well, for one, I live in Malaysia, the selection we get here is rather poor – nothing caught my eye. And secondly, 2009 is my Bollywood year – I’ve watched ten Bollywood movies, far less Hollywood stuff – and you don’t get enough quality Bollywood movies in the cinema either. Hmph.

But – it’s December and with December comes the unashamedly fantasy movies that are fun to watch. So movies that I’m looking forward to:

Princess and the Frog

I have a big soft spot for 2D animation, more so than 3D. I love Pixar movies, but not as much as good old-fashioned 2D animation. The little bits of 2D animation in Enchanted had wet my appetite for Princess and the Frog, and I can’t wait to see a traditional rom-com/adventure on 2D again.

Been waiting for this one for years!

Alice in Wonderland

I love the re-telling and the re-imagining of fairy tales. Naruto is a clever re-telling of an old Japanese legend, Hellsing takes us to the Hellsing family from Dracula years later and they’re both mangas that not only do I enjoy, have quite an impact on my own writing.

Although Tim Burton has had a string of poor movies lately: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was awful and despite the Mad Hatter looking like he’s going to rape Alice – I can’t wait for his re-imagination of the series. Alice in Wonderland always had a certain element of darkness that all good children’s literature have and we’ll just have to wait and see how Tim Burton tips this one over the edge


I don’t actually have a particular reason why I want to watch this movie, just that all the guys in my life are frothing in the mouth for this movie. I suppose it’s one of the movies of the year that you have to watch and line the pockets of James Cameron.

Sherlock Holmes

As I said with Alice in Wonderland, I love re-imaginings of old stories. Even though, Robert Downey Jr. will be playing Sherlock Holmes (so we have to suffer through his British accent), I still can’t wait for this one. It’s going to be loud and explosive – nothing like the real Sherlock Holmes, but it’s going to be mucho fun.

And it’ll have to do until I get Sherlock (BBC) – a retelling of Sherlock Holmes in modern day Britain. Now that’s the one I’m very much looking forward to.

3 Idiots

I did not think there was any Hindi movie I was going to look forward to till 2010 with My name is Khan, but Xav sent me this link yesterday and I can’t wait to see it already. A few reasons – one, Xav’s brother Sanjay Lafont will have a small role in this movie (he’s the dude floating 17 seconds in) so that’s quite cool! Yay for famous AES alumni. Secondly, Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor look like they have an amazing chemistry together and the movie looks like fun. Amir Khan tends to act in quality movies so hopefully, I’m not going to be disappointed with this one.

On other movie news that are of no-importance and consequence but to people like me: Stephen Merchant is in a Hollywood movie next year with The Tooth Fairy. Does it mean he’s the first Warwick alumni to break into Hollywood?


2 comments on “Movies I’m looking forward to

  1. Zayni says:

    when did sherlock holmes fist fight?

    • Adlina says:

      Since Guy Ritchie decided to do the remake. It’s the best kind of remake really…what we need now is an intellectual, nerdy and peace-loving Jack Bauer.

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