She Sees Him Everywhere – RBDJ Fic

So…I’ve reached a new low in my writing life today. I explained it to my brother, who listened thoughtfully and said, ‘Yes, that is a new low.’

How low can I go? Well then, try writing a Bollywood fanfic low. Yes, that low. I watched Rab ne Bana di Jodi yesterday again for the nth time now (if you’ve not watched it, please do – if you love rom-coms, it’s actually one of the best ones out there. Even by Western standards) and as I sat down in front of my pc, attempting to edit my mystery (which is floundering…hell, everything tends to flounder when King Khan is around) and I was um…inspired to write this.

Yeah, I know. New low. Still, I’m proud of it, it was written and edited under hour, and it’s my tribute to one of my favourite Bollywood movies. Long live King Khan and Aditya Chopra.


Title: She Sees Him Everywhere.

Fandom: Rab ne Bana di Jodi

Characters: Suri, Taani

Ratings: G

Summary: How can she forget him if she sees him everywhere?

Notes: I don’t speak Hindi – so please forgive me as I might get some of the nuances of the language wrong, especially since I was watching the movie with subtitles. Sous-titre. Always wanted to use that word whenever I say subtitles. But please read and review! It is muchos appreciated.

She Sees Him Everywhere

Taani was furious with Suri. Utterly, utterly furious. How dare he – how dare he try and win her heart that way? She was not daft, she knew exactly what he was doing. And why.

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2 comments on “She Sees Him Everywhere – RBDJ Fic

  1. Roisin says:

    Hi Adlina! I don’t think it’s fair to say you’ve reached a low at all – whatever inspires you to write is all good, as far as I can see. Well at least that’s what I was telling myself last night when I fell asleep planning out an episode of Cagney and Lacey in which Ralph Waite (the dad from The Waltons) guest starred as an old construction buddy of Harvey Lacey. This is my frame of reference – American TV from the 70s! Anyway, it would have been an awesome episode in the 70s, esp if directed by Waite or Al Waxman.

    I am cool, aren’t I?! I hope you’re well – have you watched The Waters of Mars yet? x

    • Adlina says:

      I actually had to google Cagney and Lacey to see what you were talking about! For some reason, American sitcom in the 70s still doesn’t carry the eye-roll effect of Bollywood films. Poor Bollywood, they got such a rough end of the stick for their colourful, singing and dancing movies!

      But I totally agree with what you say – whatever inspires you to write is always a good thing…I think 😉

      Was your reconstruction of the episode in pale faded colours like all 70s shows?

      I’ve seen Waters of Mars, am practically frothing at the mouth from how good it was. When three people from different parts of the world message you about a single episode – clearly it meant something!

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