Murder Wall

Lately I feel that a sense of restlessness and guilt that I associate with the non-completion of work and projects on my plate. As you know, and I’ve been harping for nearly a year now, I’ve been writing what has been my first draft of my novel.

I’ve finally completed it. *Yay*

Now it’s time to edit it.

See, the thing is, while the novel is lying beside me (figuratively, it’s actually on a hard disk) I can’t seem to do anything else. In most cases, I’ve allowed my social life to slide – it’s hard to make the effort and meet friends when I have this behemoth sitting next to me, making googly eyes and taunting me.

My novel looks a bit like a shaggy elephant, sort of like Snuffleupagus, but only meaner and smaller (small enough to fit my room).

But as with countless of writing manuals have said, at the end of the first draft – put it aside, pick up knitting, train for a marathon, anything, to forget about it so that you could look at it objectively when you do return to it.

So I tried not to focus on the novel, decided to go back to doing umm, other stuff like Tanjong Ole and *cough* fanfic *cough*. There was one thing that I couldn’t resist doing despite it being connected to the novel.

About a year ago, I published a photo of my plot wall, or more accurately, the first part of my plot wall. Over the next few weeks, it grew to something more akin to this:

Plot blurred for obvious reasons

Plot blurred for obvious reasons

Yes, it took up my entire wall, the plot did. I slept next to murders and conspiracy for about a year.

But as most writers can attest, the plot I started with was not quite the plot I ended up with. Halfway through the novel, I had already decided to rework the plot during the edits and so, despite the note cards keeping me company for nearly a year as I toiled away on my laptop, it was mostly redundant by the end.

But I really liked all the notecards on the wall, it gave this student-feel to my room. And it reminded me towards the goal I was striving for. But , it’s weird to leave something up there that was no longer relevant.

So after much deliberation, I made the painful choice of bringing down all the notecards from my wall. Out with the old, in the with the new as the cliche goes.

Naked wall is naked

Naked wall is naked

I felt so naked, sleeping next to a bare wall.


The wall wasn’t naked for long. Actually, from the moment I decided to bring the cards down, I’ve already decided on a replacement. I’ve designated the wall next to me my Novel Wall, and I wanted to create something that would give me a feel of the world I was living in. Inspired by the inspiration boards that are all the rage in wedding blogs, I started creating my own inspiration board with photos that I felt could have come from the world I created. I’m really pleased with the end result, it does feel like it’s starting to come together.

A new sexy beginning

A new sexy beginning

So there it is. Wish me luck on the first round of editing!

P/S: If you’re wondering what the green thing is, it’s a mosquito net, a traditional way of keeping mosquitoes at bay. Fucking hell man, the mosquitoes here are persistent!


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