The Sordid Past

I was thinking. I could either blog about how me and my sister struggled to carry a heavy shoe cabinet flatpack from Ikea, which left me mourning the lack of upper body strength.

Or I could blog about my writing progress, which I’ve been meaning to. Funnily enough, I just never found the inspiration to write about what has been going on but there are quite a bit. I have um..*cough* a fanfic *cough* that I’ve been uploading and am currently taking a break from the novel writing since I’ve FINISHED THE SUCKER.

Or, since there were so many of you (okay, I lied, more like two of you) have been pestering me about this for about a year now, I thought what better way to start Tanjong Ole than to dedicate it to the two of you: Eizwan and YK.

Thanks for reading =) and hope the rest of you will enjoy it too.


Title: A Sordid Past (Part 1)

Series: Life in Tanjong Ole

Author’s note: Dedicated to both Eizwan and YK for pestering me to continue this series after leaving it for almost a year.

So the last we left off, poor Dr. Chan was hauled to the police station for giving her poor landlord a fine uppercut to the chin due to her fears of her crazy ex. Now we go back to where we left off.

The Sordid Past – Part 1

There was a reason why Doctor Chan is antsy around men in general. And it was an occurrence in her life that she would prefer you to not bring up. It was one of the few incidents in her life that could make her wake up in a cold sweat, in the middle of a hot tropical night.

It began as all sordid events do, a few years ago. Doctor Chan had just returned from university, a young wide-eyed graduate with romanticism in her bones. She surrounded herself with like-minded friends who were good people not like others: Republicans, Liverpool and BN supporters. That sort of people.

At the top of her group of like-minded friends was the effervescent James Lim, or rather Doctor James Lim. Doctor Lim was Doctor Chan’s special friend, an ambiguous and chaste Malaysian term that leaves a relationship to the imagination. Chaste imagination. Doctor Chan was a good girl though, so as far as we know, it was rather… chaste.

James Lim, was a nice boy. He graduated from Johns Hopkins a year earlier than Doctor Chan. He was smart too, having presented his findings at the very prestigious Mayo Clinic. He was asked to stay but he chose to return home, to serve the country as good boys do. As the athletic sort, he had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kinabalu, the latter four times, once blindfolded. And he was of the charitable sort too. He tutored English to orphans in Nepal during his leave and helps old ladies cross a busy street, at least twice a week.

For reasons that may not be obvious at this point, the author regrets to inform you that it is imperative for the reader to know that Doctor Chan, after years abroad, had grown very fond of high quality and sexy women’s intimate apparel.

What she did not know was that the very nice boy, James Lim, liked it very much too.


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